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  1. Mole Jazz

    Mole moved to occupy part of Harold Moore's records in Great Marlborough St. Soho. In typical Mole style they appear not to have told anyone. Smaller premises, needs a bit of restocking but at least its there. See web page. John
  2. Rainbow Theatre in London John
  3. Great Finds

    Mohawk! At long last Mohawk is in the house! New York Art Qtet on Fontana. And well worth the wait too. John
  4. Malachi Favors

    Obituary by Val Wilmer in Guardian today. Accompanied by very good photo by Wilmer. Guardian Obituary
  5. Surely someone else was at one of the 3 gigs? I could only make Monday but compared with 2 years ago the band has entered a new stratosphere. Shorter himself was engaged, on fire, absolutely at the top of his game. But I was simply agog at Brian Blade's controlled intensity and agression. He seems to have absorbed Shorter's economy and subtlety. Great night. John
  6. Coltrane, Jazz aesthetics, etc.

    And just where the hell do these philosophers get off on dissing pigeon fanciers? Good enough for Chuck Darwin good enough for me. John
  7. I like Halberstam's October '64, Roger Kahn's Boys of Summer and Charles Alexander's Rogers Hornsby (though the writing in the last is dry and hrd going). John
  8. Great Finds

    Tubby Hayes..Mexican Green ...At Last!!!!!!! Only the Mole reissue but sounds great. John
  9. Passing Ships

    Its definitely the copy prottection. My CD player wont play them either. Sidewinder you can diagnose the problem on your player like this: "an easy way to check the PIC type onboard a player is to switch on the player without a disc inside and then press and hold down the PROG button (making sure, of course that the Softkey is selected to CD) until the display shows a code as follows; CD3.5/CD5/CDX/CDS2: P103-108 & P501 = No Copy-Protection update onboard. P109 = Copy-Protection replay enabled. P315 = Copy-Protection replay and enhanced features enabled (withdrawn - see below)." £35 quid to have an upgrade to your player if needed. John
  10. pianist Vijay Iyer - anybody heard of this guy???

    On the excellent Blood Sutra there are moments where I'm reminded oddly of Tim Berne ?? In What Lenguage on Pi is a collaboration with Mike Ladd and for me its the best crossover effort of this kind so far (cf Shipp meets antipop etc). I like the beats and the words are intelligent and often witty. Very clever in a hip, post grad college kind of way. In the absence of a really outstanding jazz record its possibly my favourite of the year. John Is Pi on a roll or what?
  11. December Listening

    Vijay Iyer/Mike Ladd... In what language (Pi) Ronnie Scott.. Presenting the quintet.. (Wing) AEC/Brigitte Fontaine.. Comme La radio (emusic download) Von Freeman.. Serenade in Blues (Nessa) Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble... Memory Vision (ECM) Shorty Rogers ...Mosaic Box John
  12. Your audio equipment?

    I have Notts Analogue Spacedeck/Dynavector 17D2/Stageline phono amp/Naim Nait5/Flatcap 2 power supply/ Naim CD3.5/Royd Doublet speakers . Sidewinder I have a few friends with the same setup as you. I would consider the Lyra carts , I think theres a new one the Argo at the same price as the 17D2. You wont go wrong with the 17D2 I really like mine but Lyra has a bit more body and drive from what I've heard. matter of taste really. I agree with Chuck about live music. I saw Evan Parker/John Edwards/Tony Marsh last night at the Vortex. I love EP in this regular gig he plays mainly tenor and just lets loose. Joyous. I think you feel the music as much as hear it. John
  13. What is going on at Mole?

    Martin has been ill and has now left Mole. Ben Cree, responsible for the auctions, has been ill as well. The current CD stock is certainly lower and the Lps arent turning over as much as before. I picked up the Shorty Rogers Mosaic vinyl set there yesterday. Theres a very helpful American chap behind the counter most days now. Rays by contrast seems to be doing very well and picks upa lot of traffic from the bookshop and benefits from the cafe and live music. John