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  1. Hi, Ken What does it mean for them to "delete" their catalogs? Can they be accessed in any form or did all that music by Mobley, Ella, and many others just disappear? I have noticed increasing numbers of empty bins at Ameoba Records in Hollywood, probably the best place for Jazz in America now.
  2. True that Kem-Heaven song. Pop/r&b, NOT jazz. Generic, dime a dozen, flavor of the month pop/r&b at that, too.
  3. Verve, headed by David Foster, is the label that has "dropped off the deep end." The jury is still out on BN, in my opinion. Time will soon tell, I believe.
  4. Just check out the videos I mentioned and then decide if what I said was accurate or not.
  5. I'm in full agreement. Dee Dee Bridgewater said it was the voice that fascinates a lot of women, first and foremost, coupled with the high quality of the original songs. "Be Good" is an instant standard, in my opinion. Probably ditto for "Illusion," "Real Good Man," and "Water." Instant standards are rare these days.
  6. The Sermons tune elicited a big yawn on this end. Another out of tune, melodically challenged singer. This is EXACTLY what Bridgewater was talking about with a lot of younger singers: it's about the groove and not creating a quality song. She was referencing a certain popular singer on...Blue Note! Again, check out that blindfold test.
  7. Also, for more Gregory Porter go to YouTube and check out his performance in England during Xmas 2011 at a tribute to Carole King, with her in the audience. He sings "Be Good" and "Up On The Roof." The Brits eat it all up. So does Carole King. I've watched it over and over. He is big in the UK and throughout parts of Europe. Also, he sings "Be Good" and "Real Good Man" at the Pizza Express club in London on You Tube. Some of the women look like they were ready to throw their panties to him. In another YouTube clip from the Jools Holland show he does "Illusion." Bootsy Collins was a guest on the show and you can see him in the background. Great songwriter, Porter is. Lastly, read the blindfold test in the latest "JazzTimes" magazine where DeeDee Bridgewater gives what is the best blindfold test I think I've ever seen. She talks about the effect Porter's voice has on women. Like Barry White, she says. Pretty graphic, imo! And funny. That is one smart, outspoken woman!
  8. Hi, Valerie. I would suggest folks check out another great singer who is new (to me, anyway). Her name is Catherine Russell. A short woman with a powerhouse of a voice that she knows how to use, i.e. no hollering and oversinging, ala Mariah Carey. Perfect diction. Like Ms. Washington, in that regard. I heard her last year on WBGO and picked up her latest album, "Strictly Romancin'. " Her version of "Romancin' In The Dark" sent chills down my spine. She is that good. A jazz/blues singer. Kind of like Mary Stallings. I strongly endorse her. Check her out by going to You Tube and see her sing " Romancin' In The Dark" before a small, (reserved) audience at a venue in Massachusetts, I believe. Sounds just like the record.
  9. interview with Don Was by Tavis Smiley http://video.pbs.org/video/2309276228/
  10. From the "Los Angeles Times:" http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/culturemonster/2012/01/frank-gehry-jazz-bakery.html
  11. In an interview that I came across recently, the GM at WBGO said that his roots in jazz lie with artists like Sun Ra and Pharoah Sanders. Do they play those guys and others in that vein? The fact that WBGO and KKJZ, and I emphasize again, KKJZ is much worse. Just check out the playlists over a few days. That KKJZ is so conservative in their approach to jazz music is a reflection of where we are as a whole culturally (e.g. film, music, TV) in 2011 America. Keep things as bland, commercialized, vulgar, and repetitive as possible. And definitely don't encourage people to critically think and analyze for themselves. KKJZ is pretty responsive to the concerns of its listeners. I used to communicate my concerns. Many others did/do also. Not anymore for me. I don't care anymore. Kenny G has his own show on KKJZ. That, in of itself, was enough for me to say, "Bye." What I like about WBGO (compared to KKJZ): a wider variety of music the taped shows like "Piano Jazz" and others interesting information given on the music and artists by the jocks the naming of sidemen/women no smooth jazz no dumbing down Does anyone know where to go on the internet for more challenging jazz music? Or satellite?
  12. Compared to KKJZ out of Long Beach, WBGO's programming is relatively exciting. KKJZ is bland AND bad. Just check out the playlist. Which is deleted forever after about a day or so. Why? Because it would be very easy to highlight all the SAME songs and SAME artists played day after day, week after week, month after month. I also wish the programming on WBGO was more edgy, though. They should set aside a block of time, once a week at least, for more edgy material, past and present, e.g. late Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Wadada Leo Smith, Vinnie Golia, some ECM and Fresh Sounds/New Talent artists, musicians on the Clean Feed and Pi Recordings label.I think they are afraid of turning off (literally) their listeners by pushing the envelope. There are a ton of cutting-edge musicians who live and work in New York City and surrounding environs who never get played on WBGO. But trust me,even given that major drawback, WBGO is MUCH better than KKJZ, that's for sure. I listen to WBGO as much as I can. Very rarely anymore to KKJZ.
  13. I love that album, too. He does one of the best versions of "Someone To Watch Over Me." It has almost become his signature tune.
  14. EARTH, WIND & FIRE .....favorite 5 ??

    I agree! "September," Also, "Africano," "Imagination," "Zanzibar," and "Sun Goddess".