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  1. Ciao Lon,

    I saw that you ordered the new Hank Mobley from Jazz Messengers.I used to order from them monthly for years-great store ! I visited them in Madrid.

    I was wondering if you've received it,how is it and how is the sound?

    Thanks Lon,  Jeff

    1. jazzbo


      Just saw this, only shows up on my profile page, and noticed it because for some reason it shows up on rooster tie's phone when he looks at the board and he's seeing things that look like private messages to him. Interesting!

      No Jeff, haven't received this from Jazz Messengers, usually takes more time than has passed since the shipping date, probably will be a week or so more before I have it. There are favorable reviews of the release though on the thread about the release, and most seem to say that the sound is quite good on two of the three sessions, and okay on the third.

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  2. needs a break.

    1. jazzbo


      'll say this: if you find that your amp is giving them enough volume (and unless you have a big room that may well be the case) then just hang with your amp, it's got great sound and you don't need a mini-Torii or Torii. A CSP2 would be a better upgrade, allowing you another input and more weight to the sound, tailorable via input and output gain controls. But even that isn't necessary if the amp gives you all the volume you need and you love the sound.

      I'm look...