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  1. 2 hours ago, Brad said:

    Like other teams they’ve had some good ones and some bad ones; the Giants had a good one with Bochy (obviously) but their recent one is poor at best, considering his resume with the Phillies.

    The consensus seems to be that Beltran will not be fired but we shall see.  

    Agree on Kapler, hardly anyone here in the Bay Area is okay with the hire -- his lack of response to the sexual harassment stuff as a Dodger, plus his being the puppet for the GM Zaidi, has pissed off the fans to no end. Bochy was probably the last Old School manager, he wasn't too keen on analytics and he didn't like the front office interference. Given that, it was time for Bochy to move on, it's a different game now.

  2. Still trying to process all the information that is coming out, one thing that seems universal is that Houston is now a despised organization and that Jim Crane is escaping with total lack of respect inside baseball but also with a World Series championship. The GM, Jeff Luhnow seems to be a real jerk, blaming everyone but himself.

    Does this stop electronic cheating though? I doubt it. Whats to stop a team from having someone off-site watching the game and just relaying the call in real time through some kind of communication system?

    Don't see how Beltran stays, but hey, it the Mets we're talking about!

    If I'm Alex Cora, I'm planning a vacation for at least a year, if not more.

  3. At Play in the Lions' Den: A Biography and Memoir of Daniel Berrigan by Jim Forest. Just happened to be re-reading this book, and with the current events, it's more timely than ever. Berrigan's life was totally committed to peace & justice, never allowing institutions to control him, but always striving to live a free and encouraging life. 



  4. Last of the Old Guard by Louis Auchincloss. Nice novel by Auchincloss, a writer that I discovered this year. Never thought I would like his writing as much as I do, with his concern for wealthy, old families of the upper class New York, reeking of Boarding Schools, law firms and loveless marriages of convenience, all written in that "New Yorker" style that most East Cost writers seemed to have from that era.  However, he turns out to be much better writer than I imagined and I'm enjoying the novels and short stories that I've read so far.