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  1. Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen. Enjoyable read so far, I'm about a quarter of the way through.
  2. This whole Carlos Correa situation is stupid beyond belief. I wonder who, for the Giants, put the brakes on everything? If it's Farhan Zaidi, then he should be fired. It wasn't a great signing, I wasn't too thrilled with it, but the Giants come of as incompetent in the whole thing.
  3. I was astounded when I first heard this when it came out, and I'm still astounded by its majesty.
  4. Scooby Doo. Fighting a virus from hell, so I'm watching fun movies. This reminds me of the Disney comedies from the 1960s. You have a very good cast, giving good performances. Pretty clean, so the whole family can watch, and you get a quality movie. Granted, it's not an all-time great, but it's an enjoyable, well made movie geared toward families and us oldsters. These are harder to make than they appear, and it probably is making everyone some nice money each year also.
  5. Once you start messing with the rules of baseball, there's no turning back. Juiced baseballs, gambling sponsors, I'm convinced that Rob Manfred hates baseball.
  6. Word is that Aaron Judge signs with the Yankees. Not surprised, the Giants were always a long shot, no way the Yankees could afford to let Judge get away. Now the Giants can go back to their usual picking up DFA'd players, and guys who are "great pick ups if they stay healthy", eg. Mitch Haniger, which they never do, eg. Evan Longoria.
  7. Treasure Plant: I throughly enjoyed this one; great animation and a good retelling of Treasure Island.
  8. Collected Plays of Tennessee Williams. Reading "Spring Storm", which wasn't produced until the 1980's. A very interesting failure, but you can see Williams starting to put his writing together.
  9. Holiday Baking Championship. I'm a sucker for this show, I watch reruns all the time.
  10. Tom: The Unknown Tennessee Williams by Lyle Leverich
  11. I'd take Evens too, vastly underrated. Belle is tainted by being a jerk, but he wouldn't be the first one in the HofF.
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