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  1. The "Pat Ewing Fix", is the JFK Assignation Conspiracy of the NBA, it's true, the creased edge is the magic bullet of the NBA>
  2. Some incredible gospel music I've been browsing through on YouTube.
  3. POS, may he rot in jail. I remember when there was a thread about this guy, and I still shudder and am pissed off by what I read he and his group did to children.
  4. Very nice obituary, it was a sad day when Cuscuna died, he did so much for jazz.
  5. It still boggles the mind, the claim that "no one knew". I'm supposed to believe there was no account looking at expenses, or that one was, but was all "It's only $500,00, nine times, to somone's personal bank account, and the memo line is 'gambling debts'.... that's fine, I won't flag it!"
  6. Yeah, even with the Ohtani presser, there are so many questions: to run up that big of a debt, at the very beginning, some one is going to ask who is guaranteeing the money; who let's a low level employee run that big of a tab on his own? As JSngry asks, were there other athletes betting with this guy, especially among the Angels? Is that where the source came from? and was this guy the Angels bookie? His name didn't come from the yellow pages, that's for sure. Are there wiretaps and videos? MLB hopes they can turn a blind eye to this one, but I don't think so.
  7. It all continues to sound strange to me, like a desperate cover up going on. Articles I’ve read always say Ohtani has no interest in other sports. So either he’s a great actor, or he’s hiding his gambling behind Mizuhara. Ask too the comment I see sometimes that he’s too rich to do something so dumb, I’d say ask Michael Jordan about that! Maybe Ohtani can play basketball in the G League for a year.
  8. It is a strange story, and does stink to high heaven. One conclusion is that this is not the only payment to Bowyer because you would think a payment of that amount of money, for the first time, would be flagged either by the bank or the account firm of Ohtani. A lot of bad things follow if this is not a one time payment.
  9. Re Ohtani: MLB's version of "The Butler Did It!" With how many layers there are between Mizuhara and Ohtani's money, this Ohtani didn't know strikes me as pure bs.
  10. Well, I'm not going to be reading the new incarnation. I'm on the same page as @ghost of miles, baseball only (limited interest in the 49ers), and got a subscription to The Athletic, due to a $1.00 a month offer. I wonder though, how much longer I will keep an interest in sports, I'm hanging on with baseball but it's not the same game I grew up with, and with each rule change or scandal (now Ohtanit!), it becomes more difficult to be a fan.
  11. Just reading, so sad to lose such a great presence and guy.
  12. Suits Season 2. Luis Litt is an insanely great character, Rick Hoffman did an amazing job.
  13. Binge watching Suits Season 1. Light and fluffy lawyer drama/comedy that I'm hooked on.
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