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  1. Friends: Season 1: In honor of Matthew Perry's passing, I'm going to go through the whole series.
  2. Matthew Perry Drowned Today Okay, I'm a huge Friends fan, and this is sad.
  3. Star Trek The Next Generation. Reconnecting with Star Trek after years of being away from it.
  4. HPI.Season 2. I watched this during a long plane trip yesterday, and I enjoyed it quite a bit (thank goodness for subtitles). It had a lot of interesting characters, and a nice feel, even though the main character, Morgane Alvaro, was very irritating at times. A very nice police show to pass the time. Too bad it's not offered on Amazon Prime, I'd love to see season one, and the outcome after season two.
  5. I know this isn't his best writing but I really love this novel.
  6. Gravity Falls. I know it's a kids show, but it's great.
  7. In a state of high intellectual ferment, I watched this twice over the weekend. Support Your Local Sheriff
  8. Radical Wordsworth: The Poet Who Changed the World by Jonathan Bate.
  9. To my mind, he's more than a manager. Can you imagine the pressure of Churchill and FDR watching your every move? Critiquing them, and knowing you're sending men to death, no matter what your decision? Also dealing with the massive ego of political / military leader of different countries? You have to get it right, and for D-Day, Eisenhower did. How he did as president is another matter...
  10. What has become a D-Day tradition for me is to watch this CBS Special 20 Anniversary interview between Walter Cronkite and President Eisenhower. I get a glimpse into those leadership qualities Eisenhower had, and you can see his intelligence in how he answered the questions. It's also nice to see a quality interview and mutual respect between the two as they discuss D-Day. I always thought of Eisenhower as some kind of stumblebum, not that up on things, and this complete changed my outlook on him.
  11. Lucky you, got to see a Judge homer. I that ball park as small as I hear?
  12. I bet the fourth batter swung at the first pitch also!
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