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  1. Word is that Aaron Judge signs with the Yankees. Not surprised, the Giants were always a long shot, no way the Yankees could afford to let Judge get away. Now the Giants can go back to their usual picking up DFA'd players, and guys who are "great pick ups if they stay healthy", eg. Mitch Haniger, which they never do, eg. Evan Longoria.
  2. Treasure Plant: I throughly enjoyed this one; great animation and a good retelling of Treasure Island.
  3. Collected Plays of Tennessee Williams. Reading "Spring Storm", which wasn't produced until the 1980's. A very interesting failure, but you can see Williams starting to put his writing together.
  4. Holiday Baking Championship. I'm a sucker for this show, I watch reruns all the time.
  5. Tom: The Unknown Tennessee Williams by Lyle Leverich
  6. I'd take Evens too, vastly underrated. Belle is tainted by being a jerk, but he wouldn't be the first one in the HofF.
  7. Cosmas or the Love of God by Pierre De Calan.
  8. Sad news indeed, an enjoyable and good musician, I happen to dig Sun Goddess very much. RIP
  9. Bumping an old thread is right! it even has Shawn (wonder what happened to him and if he's still in LA) and AfricaBrass in it. Haven't thought about PT in ages, though one of the best rock shows I ever went to was PT in Seattle, it was great. I'll have to take a listen to the new one to see what it's like. Still maintain that Signify is their best album, but maybe I'll revisit some and see what I think of them now. Erik, you were the first to talk about them here, it all seems ages ago.
  10. The Gary McFarland Orchestra with Bill Evans. I love this one so much..
  11. Echo and the Bunnymen: What Are You Going To Do With Your Life? With all the EATB that's being listinged to, it caused me to break out my all-time favorite Bunnymen album. I know some fans find it a dull one, but I love it to death.
  12. +100,000,000 I love this one, it ends with a fantastic version of "Ocean Rain".
  13. "More Than A Women" has such a great feel to it, he did a great job.
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