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  1. Ok, this stinks! I'm calling it utter bull**** that ESPN announcers are talking to Justin Turner, while he's on the field, playing the game! That is way beyond the pale for me, and if it distracts Turner from making a play, a way that ESPN can effect the out come of the game. 

    THIS IS BS - Lucy Peanuts | Meme Generator

  2. 1 hour ago, Adam said:

    although the prior statement is true, there are indeed a few sites with free music options where you don't need to go through licensing, just provide a credit. has a lot of music options and is usually a place to start

    A video discussing it and a few other options:

    Thanks, the YouTube video was a good help for me to get a sense of price ranges and how things work. It also gave me two places to begin to look.

    4 hours ago, jcam_44 said:

    If your question is can a non-profit utilize licensed music without purchasing the necessary license, the answer is no. 

    I had a good idea before starting with the videos that I had to pay something, it's not good uploading a video on their YT channel, then having it shut down for copyright infringement -- not a good look for a non-profit! Now if only I can get this iMovie thing down.

  3. I've been asked to create on-line videos for a Non-Profit (a Catholic religious order), and I'm wondering about using music, mostly for background. Is there a service for Public Domain music, or is it one of these areas that for protection, I need to subscribe to a service for non-PD music. The videos are not for a large audience, target hits is in the 10,000 range.

    Anyone out there with experience on this topic?

  4. It got to a point, after moving and packing three times is three years, with more moves to come, I sold and gave away everything -- books, lps, cds, art, anything thing that I had is gone. It all feels very light. I morn the loss at times as I did have a good selection of materials, but everything now fits into one box. As I said, it has it's good and bad points, but paying $100.00 for an Apple Music subscription, I can keep up with the music I enjoy, and I'm not leaving anything behind.

  5. I've gone to local restaurants since they opened for indoor dining four of five times. The tables are kept well apart, and the only person around, outside of guests, in the server, so it seems to be working well. Of course, around here most jobs are tourist dependent to a great extent, and people from the bordering counties that are shut down, come here to enjoy free time, so dining is encouraged to help the local economy. As to coronavirus conditions, Napa County is actually going down in terms of cases, and everyone is expecting the go-ahead on 50% capacity in a week or two -- we're at 25% right now.

  6. Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox by James MacGregor Burns. First of a two volume biography of FDR. Kind of old style in its writing, but it is still a good book where a person gets a feel for the era portrayed.

    Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox, 1882-1940 by James MacGregor Burns

  7. Serena's still looking for the one last Grand Slam. Of the four players from last night, Williams looked the weakest. The Osaka vs. Brady match was a very entertaining  match, I can't believe how much Brady has improved her game. Osaka vs. Azarenka will be close, but I think Osaka has too much power for Vika.

  8. 1 hour ago, sgcim said:


    DR was also in "The Hospital", written by Paddy Chayefsky, with Geo. C Scott, where she played the hippie daughter of an insane doctor, who murdered a bunch of patients in a NYC hospital.


    The Hospital is one underrated movie, it's great and Riggs was very good.