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  1. west 61st new york 23

    does the above address appear on ANY Blue Note label reissue or otherwise?

    Heard this for the first time at an audiophile friends house. Astounding recording with beautiful performances. With Gene Harris. a jaw dropper.
  3. phono cartridge for mono and stereo

    yes I have a mono switch. ply mostly 50's-60's lps. I thought i read some types sit better in groove having to do with shape of tip. if i find out more will post.
  4. need a new cartridge for my Music Hall MMF-7 , play mostly mono but what a stereo cart. anyone know a high output one that plays mono great too?

    you might consider resisting the temptation to accent the beginning of every eight phrase. just a little friendly advise from an old drummer. best of luck!
  6. ebay madness re: vinyl

    somebody paid 700 FOR a Liberty pressing of City Lights
  7. savoy pressings

    do only first pressing Savoy lps have deep groove or do later maroon label pressings also deep groove? thanks
  8. Great Finds

    sealed original Great Scott!! at garage sale among the Provocative Percussion lps. somehow passed up by other record hunters ahead of me.
  9. I am no longer an eBay virgin.

    just make sure you use delilvery conformation, or even insure expensive items or you may come to regret it.
  10. ebay madness re: vinyl

    sealed copy of Giant Steps could be 1st , or 2nd . or 3rd. still went for over 2k
  11. Coltrane Atlantic albums

    Explain the "vinyl process" you see as a fault. don't know. could be mastering or use of low quality vinyl.
  12. Coltrane Atlantic albums

    actually the original pressing of Giant Steps sounds quite good. I have also heard U.K. pressings of the Atlantic dates sound better than U.S. product so I think the fault is in the vinyl process rather than the recordings themselves.
  13. IMPULSE AM-PAR pressings

    I recently picked up Coltrane- Ellington lp on impulse with Am-Par on label. What other titles Coltrane or otherwise were made of this type? It sounds incredible.
  14. Sade

    i wonder if this is available as a 45?