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  1. He was playing defensive midfielder almost all tournament, in the absence of Kante. With Pogba and Benz, and the above-mentioned Kante, things would've been different for the French. Mbappe proved himself an amazing player, single-handedly dragging France almost the finish line. Lloris performed great, too!
  2. Why he removed Saka, when he was England’s best man…disagree with that decision. Harry couldn’t keep up with Giroux, but that wasn’t a surprise. Marocco for the win!!! Final Argentina-Marocco!
  3. I was so waiting for Maddison to make appearance in the second half….and take the decisive shot.
  4. What a rollercoaster today's England-France match was!
  5. That's English for you. To be the best at something, yet having not won anything. This was ....AMAZING. Both matches were what football should be about!
  6. Croats are really in it! Brazil is getting few chances. It may turn out to be a one goal game.
  7. No World Cup discussion?! Brazil-Croatia, my prediction 3-1 Brazil. Argentina-Netherlands, a tough one, but 1-0 Argentina. Hapless Germany, even more hapless Belgium (the best team in world history to win absolutely nothing), myopic Spain, are all gone.
  8. Since I wrote this, I've slowly gotten into wearing a wrist watch. In fact, I like it very much now. I have a small "collection" of old (worthless for collectors of time pieces) watches, a couple that my late father wore, a couple that I was given as presents over the decades, nothing amazing. I must say that Seiko 5 is a damn good, accurate and reliable watch. My almost 40 y.o. daily beater needed an overhaul. I can't believe I'm spending $400 to service a watch that cost me $30, but I like the watch, so I've agreed to have it completely taken apart, cleaned, lubed, new crystal and new gaskets installed.
  9. Bought me a Louis Armstrong set. It should be remarkable!
  10. He’s going to be at the Litchfield Jazz Festival with Houston Person (another favorite) this Saturday. I’m rather sad I won’t be able to attend because of prior commitment. That’s a hell of a group!
  11. Thanks for your big heart!. Charity is one of the signature traits of New Englanders that I’ve come to appreciate in my 18 years here.
  12. One of my few living favorite musicians, Mr.Peplowski is in a bit of a bind due to cancer. Those who've been following his Thursday night jam sessions on FB, are aware of his recent struggles. https://www.gofundme.com/f/6sw88q-ken-peplowski?utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook
  13. 1. Bobby Jones - Thanks to Trane, from ARRIVAL OF BOBBY JONES 2.Barry Harris - Moose the Mooche, from AT THE JAZZ WORKSHOP 3. John McNeil & Tom Harrell - Namely You, from LOOK TO THE SKY 4. Roland Hanna - Take The A Train, from PERUGIA 5. Lenny Breau - Bluesette, from THE VELVET TOUCH OF LENNY BREAU 6. The Patrick Brennan Ensemble - Slick, from INTRODUCING: SOUP 7. Dennis Budimir - Someday My Prince Will Come, from SECOND COMING 8. Reggie Workman - Solace, from SUMMIT CONFERENCE
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