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  1. https://observer.com/2023/12/the-zone-of-interest-movie-review-one-of-the-years-best-films/
  2. That's interesting to me. Almost thirty years back, when I was in professional school at NYU, a hands-on National Board exam needed to be passed in order to progress to graduation. The organization administering these exams strove for impartiality, and the people overseeing these exams were hired from outside. Many of them were retired professionals in the same field I was learning. I spoke to one of them at some length. He, obviously seeing that I was an immigrant, made a suggestion to change my name to an "American" one. He said that his father changed their family name to...Carter from their original Italian name. The Italian Carter was from Ohio and of swarthy, Mediterranean appearance. Speaking with gravitas, he assured me that the only way to succeed was to blend in. I can absolutely see that an Italian kid in a waspy area in the 1940s would have a tough time. Just like it would be otherwise... I remember a scene in the Untouchables, where Sean Connery's character grilled Andy Garcia's, as to who he was. Garcia said his family name was Stone. Connery called him a wop and that he wasn't fooling anyone with that name.
  3. He was remarkably memorable in the short role of Bobby Bacala Sr. in the Sopranos. His portrayal of a person dying from lung cancer is enough to make anyone quit smoking.
  4. I didn't know he was Italian. What a pseudonym for a boy from Corona. Burt Young sounds like a Jewish radio broadcaster. I wish they'd asked him why he chose a name like that.
  5. Just returned from a trip Istanbul-Riga-İstanbul-home. An enormous variety of mopeds/motorrollers/scooters in Istanbul. Many are Chinese and, I'm assuming, local products, a lot of sundry Hondas. I spotted this Chinese Ruckus knockoff. Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul is a fascinating city, the most vibrant and diverse place I've ever visited...the markets, street cafes, a million of well-fed cats and tens of thousands of street dogs resting wherever they see fit, Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern, Bosphorus at night, the twirling dervishes accompanied by traditional instrument virtuosos, TopKapi and its incomparable armoury, the most beautiful women in surreal, Cleopatra-like makeup...what a place!
  6. I bought an expensive ($300) modular helmet by HJC. I was going to get the one with Bluetooth, but my friend who rides big motorcycles advised against it. He has one like that and prefers not to switch on the Bluetooth and just listens to the road. I also bought a light mesh jacket with elbows, shoulders and back armor plates. I have to admit that just riding around the neighborhood after work, even if it's just a couple of miles is a wonderful feeling that I can't compare with any other. It's not just relaxing...I need to think of other ways to describe it.
  7. @mjazzg Yes, I do remember him. Old Reading now, eh. Are they making any promises to get back into the Championship? Shame they got relegated.
  8. Great advice, thank you. Some may think it’s an overkill to even wear a jacket in addition to the helmet while riding a 35 mph scooter, but I will definitely look into that. I just read an article about various types of helmets and a quote stuck in my head (no pun intended), “A ten dollar head deserves a ten dollar helmet.” I find the following statistics very informative. The average speed of a motorcycle prior to an accident is 29.8 mph, 21.5 mph at the time of impact, and in only 1/1000 of cases is speed approximately 86 mph at the time of impact Interesting reading here, don’t know how true it is, but why not? https://www.hg.org/legal-articles/little-known-facts-about-motorcycle-accidents-31124
  9. Andy Carroll played for Villa or WH or team with similar purple and blue shirts? Striker, beard? ( testing my memory purposefully without resorting to Google). What is his story now?
  10. What is the club? And yes, Championship is crazy this season. Several very strong clubs will be battling for promotion. In the US ESPN+ televises many Championship matches for just $10/month.
  11. Season has started for Leicester City with two wins, first in the Championship, over Coventry, and then in the League Cup over Burton Albion. We have a new manager and four new players. We lost James Maddison (amazing footballer and club favorite) to Tottenham, Harvey Barnes to Newcastle and Yuri Thielemans to Villa. Our new manager Enzo Maresca was one of the Man City coaches under Guardiola for the past several seasons, including the last, treble one. Usually the stadium chants are just a background noise when watching on TV, but the Burton match was in a smaller venue, and I could hear some seemingly spontaneous nasty shit sang acapella. Hilarious!
  12. That does look like you're sitting on a picnic cooler. I like the styling! If that compartment is waterproof, you actually could fiill it with ice and beer!!! Your machine is way more advanced than the Ruckus. You have a fuel injector and cool useful gages, R has a carburetor and just the speedometer and odometer.
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