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  1. I think these releases were posted here before but I cannot see any dedicated thread. Should we order? :-) Two batches : 29 November and 6 December 2017; with 2017 DSD mastering, the usual suspects:,UCGQ-9008,UCGQ-9009,UCGQ-9010,UCGQ-9011,UCGQ-9012,UCGQ-9013,UCGQ-9014,UCGQ-9015,UCGQ-9016,UCGQ-9017,UCGQ-9018,UCGQ-9019,UCGQ-9020,UCGQ-9021,UCGQ-9022,UCGQ-9023,UCGQ-9025,UCGQ-9024
  2. Hybrid SACD deterioration?

    I have had a few hybrid SACDs go bad on me, a recent one massively. The CD layer is fine. Is this a known problem?
  3. The APO reissue of Overseas is amazing. Elvin Jones sounds like he's in the room and the piano has a wonderful midrange tone with a hint of stringed percussive quality that so often is missing on CD or lossy MP3. A must-have.