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  1. Any news regarding JazzMessengers offering this set? Thank you.
  2. If only Bert Stern had filmed the Miles Davis Sextet at Newport 1958 for the Jazz on a Summer's Day film...
  3. They used to ship to Greece via Netherlands and it took 10-15 days to reach me. Since summer they changed to DHL, and it takes only 1-2 days and it goes via Milano. Fastest service ever. And lowest numer ever for me. 124.
  4. 8 Euro for the flacs. https://transversales.bandcamp.com/album/live-in-paris-1971
  5. Just listed at cdjapan: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/products?term.prodkey=UCCU-45058,UCCU-45059,UCCU-45060,UCCU-45061,UCCU-45062,UCCU-45063,UCCU-45064,UCCU-45065,UCCU-45066
  6. Acc. to the notes at "The Ultimate Blue Train" (1987), the piano solo from Take 9 has not survived. And here is Mr Fuller's signature on my Ultimate CD sleeve:
  7. Blue Train: Complete Masters [SHM-SACD] [Limited Release] John Coltrane SACD Blue Train (MONO) [SHM-SACD] [Limited Release] John Coltrane SACD
  8. The 2013 japanese SHM-CD with Takes 7 and Take 8 of "Blue Train", and the alt take of "Lazy bird", is TYCJ-81001. Bonus Tracks 6 Blue Train Take 7 (Alt. Take 1) 7:09 - prev. unissued 7 Blue Train Take 8 (Alt. Take 2) 9:55- piano solo used into the Master Take (take 9) 8 Lazy Bird (Alt. Take) 7:11 and here are Michael Cuscuna 's notes from this japanese SHM-CD: Both the above takes 7 and 8 will be included in the new Blue Train 2-LP Tone Poet set.
  9. Nice! NB: after all the JazzMessengers cost was lower: 189 < 221,3 (=179,6+37,7+4)
  10. I went ahead and preordered both SACDs of Blue Train from cdjp. 74 Eur total incl shipping.
  11. The prices at udiscover german store are high: £62/75EUR + £46/55EUR + £12 for EU shipping
  12. Just placed my order with Jazz messengers. They offer now [EU 24 Hours DHL Express] shipping for free.
  13. the original french title was "Sait-on jamais" https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050929/
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