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  1. Prestige 16000 series

    Prestige only released a handful of records in its 16000 series. And they don't seem to have any unifying characteristics. 16001: Gumbo! (Pony Poindexter, Booker Ervin) [6/27/63] 16002: Trumpet Giants (Fats Navarro a.o.) [same as 8296] 16003: Eastern Moods (Ahmed Abdul-Malik) [6/3/63] 16004: I'm Shooting High (Gildo Mahones) [2/4/63, 8/15/63, 9/3/63] 16005: Look Out! (Johnny Hammond Smith) [not issued; same as 8288] 16006: Soul Street (Jimmy Forrest) [not issued; same as 8293] 16007: Dameronia (Tadd Dameron) [reissue of 7037] 16008: Clifford Brown Memorial (Tadd Dameron a.o.) [reissue of 7055] 16009: Trotting (Zoot Sims) [reissue of 7026] 16010: not issued? 16011: Ezz-thetic (Lee Konitz a.o.) [reissue of 8295] Anyone know the rationale behind?
  2. Prestige All-Stars records

    In the 50s, Prestige put out a series of leaderless albums with groups credited as "The Prestige All-Stars" or similar names. A lot of them have since been repackaged under different artists' names as one or other of the participants has increased in public prominence (particularly Coltrane). A discography of these recordings is here: I don't know much about the genesis of the series. Some of these albums are absolutely great, and stand with the best of what Prestige was putting out at the time. Earthy and Tenor Conclave are particular favourites of mine. The leaderless format feels like it helps to open up the players and allow for more equal interplay. However, given the format, I have noticed that they often slip through the tracks when people present histories of the period. I've searched and I don't think that there is a dedicated thread on the topic (although the Coltrane ones are touched on, and there is a thread on the related Swingville All-Stars run). I'd love to hear from you with any views you have on the series and any of the records that are your own favourites.
  3. There was a postcard for this in the Jazz Congress guest bag--release date is now March 29, evidently. I'm inclined to pass, given that I have all of this material in at least two different collections, but an eventual bargain price might persuade me to pick it up: Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings
  4. From June to September 2016, dozens of cds. All releases can be found at the following Universal Japan link - just go the relevant tag to browse per label: Since these are remasters/transfers from previous releases, your recommendations are more than welcomed! NB: New liner notes are included... Alex
  5. Joe Fields RIP

    A friend just forwarded me an email from Jazz Promo Services stating that Joe Fields, record producer/label owner - Cobblestone, Muse/Savoy Jazz, HighNote/Savant - has passed away at age 88. I can't find anything else to confirm this, but funeral arrangements are listed, so I assume he has passed.
  6. Prestige 7000 Series on SHM-CD

    Does anybody have the complete list of the Prestige 7000 series currently available in SHM-CD from Universal? CD Japan use to have a dedicated page with all the releases, but try as I might, I can't seem to find this page again. Thanks!