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  1. Genuine nightmare cover art.
  2. I agree on the twittering about, but I think it works quite well on the records with a more substantial concept, whether that's Turkish classical or hard funk.
  3. John Wolf Brennan / Urs Leimgruber / Norma Winstone – M.A.P. (L+R, 1990) I really enjoyed this one. I'd recommend it to anyone who is into Leimgruber.
  4. Thanks everyone. Some great cuts. Impressions of the Middle East is really good. The record that pushed me into a Herbie Mann pearl fishing expedition.
  5. The man had a huge and very varied discography that, for me, is either excellent or terrible, based on the players and concept, but regardless of era or commerciality. Some of his disco records are as good as his bop records. What are some Herbie Mann "deep cuts" (as the kids say) that you enjoy? Bop, pop, funk, latin or Hebridean.
  6. Herbie Mann – Waterbed (Atlantic, 1975) Halfway through this record and surprised so far to find that it's one of the good Herbie Mann records.
  7. A bit, yeah, although perhaps Azymuth has more protein. I’m looking for the effervescent sugary stuff. I mean,I would play Azymuth on speakers in the hearing of other people. I’m not I would do that with the Rippingtons…
  8. New playlist concept: Mall Jazz. Exciting, energetic, ersatz, fun and slightly world music-influenced fusion-lite. Trying to create a playlist. Here are some examples. What am I missing? Rippingtons Featuring Russ Freeman – Tourist In Paradise Weather Report – Sportin' Life Mezzoforte - 4 For other Brits on this forum, Mall Jazz is completely different to Shopping Centre Jazz.
  9. Amazing that he's the first of CSNY to pass on. He brought my Dad a lot of joy, and he was always funny on Twitter (or whoever was deputised to be him on Twitter was). RIP.
  10. He must have been very young when that photograph was taken. Look at his rich and full head of hair. Now on: Jack Wilson – Plays Brazilian Mancini (Vault, 1965) Almost a George Shearing record...
  11. Now on this excellent countrified jazz funk grinder from Alexandria Township 1975: Mike Makhalemele - The Peacemaker (Jo’Burg / Al Shams) Ratau MM was the saxophonist with The Drive and played with Winston Mankunku Ngozi among others. No idea who the other players are on here, but I suspect Sipho Gumede is the bassist, just because it sounds like him. Something I find so interesting about South African fusion from the era is that, whilst there is no obvious “traditional” influence, the music is still unmistakeably South African. Something about how the keyboard vamps are allowed to lock in just that bit too long, whilst the bass is given a more free roaming ply melodic role than would be normal for an American record. Easy streamer, for anyone who is interested.
  12. Nubya Garcia – When We Are You don’t like it? He overplays in bits but I really like him on these Black and Blues.
  13. Bob Thiele And His New Happy Times Orchestra / Gabor Szabo With The California Dreamers And Tom Scott & Bill Plummer – Light My Fire I always assumed that this would not be worth investigating, but it's actually pretty enjoyable. Tom Scott is a player who I never got. Did record company execs reckon he'd be the next Charles Lloyd?
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