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  1. Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti And Afrika 70 – No Agreement AKA The one with Lester Bowie on it.
  2. Roy Harvey – Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order: Volume 3 (1929-1930)
  3. Could we perhaps change the thread title of the rock thread to "non-jazz non-classical"? Otherwise I can foresee endless proliferation.
  4. I do think there's something in the idea. Something of the competing high / low status of jazz and the fact that it has always had a stats-y appeal. Generally if I meet a metal fan or folk fan, I know I have something in common with that person. Not necessarily the case with jazz at all, and that is a real quirk of the genre.
  5. Maybe. Sadly I did not pay attention in electronics class, so I am not convinced I could fit the new cartridge myself. We live round the corner from a shop, so I've asked my wife to take it round. The kids have picked up a very endearing habit of putting records on for themselves, which may or may not be connected...
  6. No vinyl for me for a while. My stylus is buggered. Ugh. Tedious.
  7. I like what Freeman does to Baker (whose playing I tend to like or dislike on a by-album basis depending on the sidemen). There are some quite unexpected chords in there. Not super unexpected. But enough to spin Baker off into new directions.
  8. John Coltrane - Plays I always think of this one as the forgotten jewel. Rarely mentioned but some of Coltrane's absolute best playing.
  9. If nothing else, it will give them something to tell the therapist.
  10. Arthur Blythe - Lennox Avenue Breakdown This one was a big hit with the kids. I later found my six year old writing a post it note to remind himself to ask for the record more ("this sacserfon record from botim left").
  11. Yeah. The new one. I'm very happy with it too. A great record.
  12. John Tchicai - Afrodisiaca Background to doing Lego with my daughter
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