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  1. I would prefer a Second Book of Wadadas or Braxtons. I think both are stronger composers. Let's hear what Medeski, Martin and Woods and Pat Metheny do with that. Thanks.
  2. Which one? Haborym or Azazel. Ideally the Book of Angels concept should get round that by having others do the playing. But I don't think it does.
  3. These are some which I enjoy: Fernando Gelbard - Didi Horacio Chivo Borraro - El Nuevo Sonido del Chivo Borraro Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Bronca Buenos Aire Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Viejas Raices Matias Pizarro - Pelo de Rata Quinteplus (Carlos Pocho Lapouble and Gustavo Bergalli) - Quinteplus
  4. There've been some good recent rediscoveries coming out of that scene.
  5. John Zorn - The Crucible Enjoying this one a lot more than Zorn's other punk / metal records so far. More assimilated, better material, and less dilettentish. I'm looking forward to hearing the Heliogabalus record that people like, which I think is the same group.
  6. Pat Metheny – Tap (Book Of Angels Volume 20) I found myself enjoying this one the most of all the BoA records I've listened too. Metheny doing the full studio-as-instrument in a way that is I think stronger than most Metheny albums. He never needed much of a tune either, so he's well suited to the slightly whispy compositions.
  7. How does the Book of Angels work? Do the artists pick the tunes from the 300 second book compositions and then decide how to play them? Or does Zorn pick them and/or do the arrangements to some extent?
  8. Give him what he deserves: a single 48 minute long take on Wonderwall in expansive outside post bop style. It's what they'll be serving up to him in the new place, anyway.
  9. Koby Israelite – Orobas (Book Of Angels Volume 4)
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