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  1. Nice to see San Francisco getting a reissue.
  2. What record is this? I assume this is just a CD in a CD box set, in which case it is a double no for me (technology and listening preferences), but let me know if it is also free standing as I love Pursglove.
  3. Oded Tzur – Isabela (ECM, 2022) This is the sort of gentle, low concept, ECM-produced jazz for adults that I normally find pretty forgettable, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this.
  4. I think that this may be one of the Dexter's that I most enjoy.
  5. Al Jarreau – Glow (Reprise, 1976) Streaming this one after @Teasing the Koreanset off a burst of thoughts about the transitional era between 1975 and 1982 in the Black Jazz thread.
  6. In what sense? I think that I probably agree with you, but I am interested to hear.
  7. Avishai Cohen Trio – Shifting Sands (Naive, 2022) I like Cohen's compositions, but I am not sure that I have ever enjoyed one of his records. I tend to give them two or three dutiful listens and then forget them. I'd like to hear a more dynamic and perhaps less serious group handle his material, with a bit more zip than he seems to allow his groups.
  8. Aldo Romano Quartet – Canzoni Came up recently here. Oosh it is good.
  9. Buddy DeFranco Quintet – Cooking The Blues (Verve, 1957)
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