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  1. A recent Night Lights show that delves into the mid-1960s recordings of artists such as the Free Spirits, Count's Rock Band, the Fourth Way, and Gary Burton is up for online listening: First Fusion: Jazz-Rock Before Bitches Brew The web post also includes links to some extended versions and outtakes from the show.
  2. It looks pretty neat - 1CD from 1972 and very underrated "Offering" period (I hope Steve Marcus is there), 1CD from solo gig in 1976 and last, and well, least, from 2012. Label is Cleopatra Records/Purple Pyramid, release date: 27.07 for US, 21.08 for EU The 1975 show by Most Promising Music from last year was also great, though not perfect technically. I've listened to many Coryell's concerts from 70s and its a great stuff, the same league as Mahavishnu or RTF. Larry deserves wider recognition of his jazz-rock period.
  3. 4am contento jazz

    Some cool stuff here!
  4. I'm the son of the owners of 55 Grand, the NYC jazz club and musicians hang that was located in Soho and open from 1981 to 1984. I'm in the process of building an archives for the club for use in a documentary film I'm making. I'm putting out a call for any materials that may be floating out in the ether. I will pay money for any video, audio recordings, photographs, or other relevant archival materials from the club that you may have. Materials can be of performances or the general scene at the club. Please contact directly at