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  1. This week on Night Lights it’s “Away From the Spaceways: John Gilmore.” Tenor saxophonist John Gilmore, who influenced John Coltrane and helped to pioneer the challenging techniques of 1960s avant-garde saxophone, spent most of his career with Sun Ra and his Arkestra, recording outside of Sun Ra’s band on only a handful of occasions. (Much discussion of Gilmore in the thread I started here while working on this program). His powerful, edgy style combined aspects of hardbop and outside playing; we’ll hear examples of it with pianists Andrew Hill and Paul Bley, as well as recordings that Gilmore made with McCoy Tyner, Elmo Hope, Pete LaRoca, and Art Blakey (a rare broadcast version of the ballad “I Can’t Get Started”), in addition to his 1957 Blue Note date with fellow tenor saxophonist Clifford Jordan. “Away From the Spaceways” airs Saturday, October 21 at 11:05 p.m. EST on WFIU and at 9 p.m. Central Time on WNIN-Evansville. It will be posted Monday afternoon in the Night Lights archives. Next week: "Down at the 90th Floor: Dick & Kiz Harp."
  2. Recently I realized that Michael Fitzgerald's excellent Philly Joe Jones Leader Entry lists the following unissued session: Date: September 1963 Location: New York City Label: Dauntless Philly Joe Jones (ldr), John Gilmore (ts), Tommy Turrentine (t), Charles Greenlee (tb), Elmo Hope (p), Larry Ridley (b), Philly Joe Jones (d) a. [unknown titles] (Composer Unknown) Lord CDROM 8.0 lists this session with no further details. I'm a huge fan of Philly Joe, Elmo Hope and John Gilmore, so this looks very interesting. There is an excellent recording called "Sounds from Rikers Island", also recorded in 1963 for Audio Fidelity (Dauntless' parent company?) by the similar personnel. Does anybody know the whereabouts of Dauntless tape vault? Is there any possibility that the session tape survives?