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  1. Last week's Night Lights show--an attempt to fill out the story of the so-called "Bad Day At Black Rock," in which Ornette Coleman, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, and Charles Mingus were all supposedly dropped from the label in a single day--now up for online listening: The Great Columbia Jazz Purge: Coleman, Evans, Jarrett and Mingus Some more information and links at the bottom of the post, including a long quote from Clive Davis included in Chris Albertson's 1971 Saturday Review article about Miles Davis.
  2. Wow--came across mention of this interview while reading about Maria Golia's new book about Ornette. Somehow missed it when it was first posted to Ethan Iverson's Do The Math blog, as part of an in-depth two-part article. I'm about 20 minutes in--fascinating conversation! It was part of Gunther and Nat Hentoff's weekly WBAI "The Scope Of Jazz" program: Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry February 1960 radio interview with Gunther Schuller
  3. This past week's Night Lights show, The Ornette Coleman Songbook: Early Interpretations of a Jazz Pioneer is now archived for online listening. It features recordings of Coleman's music by Art Pepper, Bill Dixon and Archie Shepp, the Modern Jazz Quartet, Jack Wilson, Pee Wee Russell, the New York Contemporary Five, and John Coltrane. Next week: "Young Wynton: Early Marsalis."
  4. Ornette at the Five Spot in 1959?

    Are there any recordings of Ornette Coleman's 1959 stand at the Five Spot that have ever circulated? Feel free to respond via PM if you'd prefer.
  5. Amazon US is advertising a rerelease of Beauty is a Rare Thing. From Amazon: "6-CD, Released for Coleman’s 85th birthday, this is a reconfiguration of the original Rhino boxed set which brought these legendary recordings out on CD for the first time, Beauty Is A Rare Thing is presented in a sleek, hard clamshell box, with the CDs held in elegant card sleeves and a glossy 70-page booklet." I have been keeping my eye out for used copies of this set, until now. Anyone else heard about this rerelease?