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Found 5 results

  1. Last week's Night Lights show, focusing on Charles Mingus' recordings for his and Max Roach's Debut label, is now up for online listening: "The Latest And The Greatest In Jazz": Charles Mingus And Debut Records
  2. Coming from Rhino in June—here’s the press release I just received:   CHARLES MINGUS CHANGES: THE COMPLETE 1970s ATLANTIC RECORDINGS 8-LP And 7-CD Deluxe Boxed Sets Featuring Jazz Icon’s Final Seven Studio Albums And Unreleased Outtakes Available June 23 LOS ANGELES – Charles Mingus is the most important American jazz composer after Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn. As part of the ongoing celebration of Mingus’ centennial, Rhino will release a new boxed set that spotlights the creative resurgence that defined the final phase of the legendary bassist and composer’s career. The upcoming collection includes the last seven studio albums Mingus recorded for Atlantic Records between 1973 and his death in 1979 and a selection of outtakes - some previously unreleased. CHANGES: THE COMPLETE 1970s ATLANTIC RECORDINGS will be released on June 23 as a 7-CD set for $79.98, an 8-LP set on 180-gram vinyl for $199.98, digitally for $24.99, and for stream. Pre-orders are available HERE. The set brings together newly remastered versions of all seven studio albums Mingus recorded for Atlantic in the 1970s. The LP and CD versions include Mingus Moves (1973), Changes One(1974), Changes Two (1974), Three or Four Shades of Blues(1977), Cumbia & Jazz Fusion(1977), Me, Myself an Eye (1979), and Something Like a Bird(1979). The collection also features previously unreleased session outtakes. CHANGES: THE COMPLETE 1970s ATLANTIC RECORDINGS comes with an illustrated booklet that delves deep into the final years of Mingus’ music with extensive liner notes by Andrew Homzy, a musician, arranger, jazz scholar, and Grammy® Award Nominee. Mingus Moves opens the collection, recorded in October 1973, leading a new quintet with youthful musicians – trumpeter Ronald Hampton, tenor saxophonist George Adams, and pianist Don Pullen – and old friend Dannie Richmond on drums. One of the songs they recorded was a new Mingus composition, “Opus 3,” which was built on the chords from the composer’s 1956 landmark piece, “Pithecanthropus Erectus.” The band’s lineup shifted slightly in 1974 when Jack Walrath replaced Hampton on trumpet. Soon, Mingus and the group returned to the studio for a three-day session that produced two albums, Changes One and Changes Two. A tribute to Mingus’ dynamic wife, “Sue’s Changes” from Changes One is a vibrant masterpiece. With five themes that move through several different keys, tempos, instrumental textures, and emotional registers, it’s a highwater mark not only in Mingus’ career but also in jazz history. Mingus recorded Three or Four Shades of Blues in 1977 with a rotating cast of stellar musicians. The album includes new versions of two Mingus standards, “Goodbye Porkpie Hat” and “Better Git Hit In Your Soul.” Mingus was commissioned to write the score for an Italian film, Todo Modo, in 1976. Performing with a large ensemble, he recorded two extended compositions that rank high among his best work of the 1970s. Ironically, the music wasn’t used in the film; however, it was released on Cumbia & Jazz Fusion in 1977. Later that year, Mingus was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Undeterred, he continued to compose and direct his last recording sessions from a wheelchair. Me, Myself an Eye,and Something Like a Bird were completed before his death in January 1979 - both included in Changes. Five previously unreleased recordings debut in the new collection. The CD version includes three outtakes: “Big Alice,” “The Call,” and “Music for ‘Todo Modo.’” The LP version consists of those plus additional unreleased takes for “Big Alice” and “The Call” that are exclusive to the vinyl set CHANGES: THE COMPLETE 1970s ATLANTIC RECORDINGS Vinyl Track Listing LP 1: Mingus Moves (1973) Side 1 1. “Canon” 2. “Opus 4” 3. “Moves” 4. “Wee” Side 2 1. “Flowers For A Lady” 2. “Newcomer” 3. “Opus 3” LP 2: Changes One (1974) Side 1 1. “Remember Rockefeller At Attica” 2. “Sue’s Changes” Side 2 1. “Devil Blues” 2. “Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love” LP 3: Changes Two (1974) Side 1 1. “Free Cell Block F, ‘Tis Nazi U.S.A.” 2. “Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Silk Blue” Side 2 1. “Black Bats And Poles” 2. “Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love” 3. “For Harry Carney” LP 4: Three Or Four Shades Of Blues (1977) Side 1 1. “Better Git Hit In Your Soul” 2. “Goodbye, Porkpie Hat” 3. “Noddin Ya Head Blues” Side 2 1. “Three Or Four Shades Of Blues” 2. “Nobody Knows (The Bradley I Know)” LP 5: Cumbia & Jazz Fusion(1977) Side 1 1. “Cumbia & Jazz Fusion” Side 2 1. “Music for ‘Todo Modo’” LP 6: Me, Myself An Eye (1979) Side 1 1. “Three Worlds Of Drums” Side 2 1. “Devil Woman” 2. “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting” 3. “Carolyn ‘Keki’ Mingus” LP 7: Something Like A Bird(1979) Side 1 1. “Something Like A Bird Part 1” Side 2 1. “Something Like A Bird Part 2” 2. “Farewell Farwell” LP 8: Outtakes Side 1 1. “Music For ‘Todo Modo’” (Take 1)* 2. “Big Alice” (Take 1) * 3. “Big Alice” (Take 2) * Side 2 1. “Big Alice” (Take 3) * 2. “Big Alice” (Take 4) 3. “The Call” (Take 1) * 4. “The Call” (Take 2) * Previously Unreleased CHANGES: THE COMPLETE 1970s ATLANTIC RECORDINGS CD Track Listing Disc 1: Mingus Moves (1973) 1. “Canon” 2. “Opus 4” 3. “Moves” 4. “Wee” 5. “Flowers For A Lady” 6. “Newcomer” 7. “Opus 3” 8. “Big Alice” (Take 1) * 9. “The Call” (Take 1) * Disc 2: Changes One (1974) 1. “Remember Rockefeller At Attica” 2. “Sue’s Changes” 3. “Devil Blues” 4. “Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love” Disc 3: Changes Two (1974) 1. “Free Cell Block F, ‘Tis Nazi U.S.A.” 2. “Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Silk Blue” 3. “Black Bats And Poles” 4. “Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love” 5. “For Harry Carney” Disc 4: Three Or Four Shades Of Blues (1977) 1. “Better Git Hit In Your Soul” 2. “Goodbye, Porkpie Hat” 3. “Noddin Ya Head Blues” 4. “Three Or Four Shades Of Blues” 5. “Nobody Knows (The Bradley I Know)” Disc 5: Cumbia & Jazz Fusion(1977) 1. “Cumbia & Jazz Fusion” 2. “Music for ‘Todo Modo’” 3. “Music for ‘Todo Modo’” (Take 1) * *Outtakes Disc 6: Me, Myself An Eye (1979) 1. “Three Worlds Of Drums” 2. “Devil Woman” 3. “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting” 4. “Carolyn ‘Keki’ Mingus” Disc 7: Something Like A Bird (1979) 1. “Something Like A Bird Part 1” 2. “Something Like A Bird Part 2” 3. “Farewell Farwell” * Previously Unreleased ###
  3. Last week's Night Lights show--an attempt to fill out the story of the so-called "Bad Day At Black Rock," in which Ornette Coleman, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, and Charles Mingus were all supposedly dropped from the label in a single day--now up for online listening: The Great Columbia Jazz Purge: Coleman, Evans, Jarrett and Mingus Some more information and links at the bottom of the post, including a long quote from Clive Davis included in Chris Albertson's 1971 Saturday Review article about Miles Davis.
  4. This week on Night Lights it's "Word From Mingus," a program of Charles Mingus' 1950s spoken-word collaborations with poet Langston Hughes, monologuist Jean Shepherd, and actor Melvin Stewart. We'll also hear Mingus' own performance of his piece "Chill of Death," written when Mingus was a teenager in the late 1930s and recorded for release on the 1972 album LET MY CHILDREN HEAR MUSIC. You can listen to the program live this Saturday night on WFIU at 11:05 p.m. (8:05 California time, 10:05 Chicago time) here, or listen to it in the Night Lights archives, where it will be posted Monday afternoon. Next week: "The Late Miss D." Dinah Washington's Roulette recordings.
  5. CHARLES MINGUS,, Lists L.P.s Vinyles , for Sale , in Vendita .,.- Please, back to me if ''you'' see Records L.P'.s, of ,,CHARLES MINGUS,, of your interest to get/receive.Thanks ,Ciao fabio ,,E-Mail..: fabiodrummy@gmail.com 1-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb., rares registractions ''Live'' by Musica Jazz.,mjp1016.,- 2-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb. ,,fables of faubus ,,I Maestri del Jazz,,DeAgostini.,- 3-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb. ,,pithecantropus erectus,,I Maestri del Jazz,,DeAgostini.,- 4-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb. ,,the great concert of C.M..3,LP?s America,AM003-5.,.- 5-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb. ,,music written for Monterey,1965.,2,LP's .. *)palyed in its entrely, at U.C.L.A.by J.W.S.,0013,+,0014..,- 6-Paul Chambers.+.John Coltrane.,''High Steps'' 2,LP.,Blue-Note reissue-series..,- 7-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb. ,,live in chateauuVallon jazz,1972.,FC,134..,- 8-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb. ,,Mingus Revisited,, LimeLight,monoaural,82015.,- 9-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb. ,,Live in Stuttgart concert,1964,,UniqueJazz007+8.,.- 10-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb.,,Live Amsterdam ,10*April,1964.,2LP-DIW,1188..,- 11-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb,,Line Antibes+Bud Powell+Eric Dolphy.,Atlantic60146.,- 12-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb,,Mingus in Europe1964,Live vol,1* Enja,3049..,- 13-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb ,,Mingus in Europe1964,Live vol,2* Enja,3077..,- 14-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb ,,Mingus Sextet,Live Europe,,UniqueJazz,23..,- 15-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb ,,Hooray for..,Session-Disc,,.white-cover box.. 16-CHARLES MINGUS.,cb,+,CECIL TAYLOR,p,,Live at Birdland,26*Octob,1962.., Live Half Note.,18January1966.,by Ozone-Record..,- - , - -
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