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Larry Kart

Mal Waldron's Mal-1

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5 hours ago, Rooster_Ties said:

I really need to pick up some of these earlier Mal leader-dates.  I have whatever's on the Prestige Coltrane boxes -- so I'm seeing that's Mal/2 and The Dealers (plus the 3 Trane dates that Mal's a sideman on), but that's about it (maybe The Quest, which I know I used to own, but haven't seen in eons -- maybe I finally had enough of Ron Carter's cello? :P).

But I really need to get more of the rest of his pre-'69 output.  I've heard several of them before, years ago (borrowed from friends), and have always meant to get more -- but I've been more obsessive about his 1969-1980 output.

MAL-4 is also pretty essential IMO. Trio, swinging, but also documents another side of Mal's skills as an arranger. And "Love Span" might be the, uh, loveliest, performance he ever committed to tape.

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