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  1. OK. But based on the above photos of Garry, whoever married her had a formidable woman to deal with.
  2. No. Composer George Russell's wife was Juanita Odejnar. (He named a piece after her, which was recorded at the same session s "Ezzthetic.") After that marriage came to an end, Juanita married Giuffre.
  3. I like latter-day Most, on Xanadu, but that Bird Monk, etc., album is pretty much a dud IMO.
  4. Then and now, it still kind of amazes me that Savoy/Salim got that group of people together in the studio. The wild card, now that I think of it, might have been Buster Cooper. Maybe Chino Pozo too. And Max Roach as a sideman. Did the first two ever record with any of the other guys? Whatever, it worked like gangbusters. (Yes, Dorham was a Roach sideman.) Another one that gives me a somewhat (but only somewhat) similar feeling is Bennie Green and Gene Ammons' fabulous "The Swingin'est" (Veejay), with Frank Foster, Frank Wess, Nat Adderly, Tommy Flanagan, Eddie Jones, and Albert Heath. Chicago DJ Sid McCoy was the A&R man. Perhaps the Basie band was in town (Foster, Wess, Jones).
  5. Reply from Dan Morgenstern: It’s been ages since I’ve had contact with NEA and even then there was no pro forma nomination way. The one remaining jazz person on NEA staff is Katja von Schuttenbach a good lady But it was never a “democratic” Process IMO….
  6. Not intrinsically bad but different.
  7. Performative behavior is an action taken specifically with an audience in mind, to elicit a response or reaction.
  8. You're right, probably not, because both Scott's sotto voce whispering manner and his moments of shrill excitement seem to me have their roots in the same button-holing the audience impulses that Bill Crow spoke of. When Giuffre (or Peewee Russell for that matter) are in a sotto voce mood, they seem to me to be listening to/communing with themselves, while Scott's default mode is typically performative.
  9. More like a "Hey, listen to me I'm whispering" stage whisper it seems to me. For genuine intimacy on the instrument at a low volume level try Jimmy Giuffre.
  10. I sent an email to Dan Morgenstern asking how such a nomination could/should be made. Dan should know.
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