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  1. oops -- there's nothing missing from the Johnny Smith set; I just miscounted. BTW. while listening I asked myself while I take Smith seriously as jazz musician. I addition to his technique, I think it's his time; his implacable sense of where "one" is.
  2. Oops, that's Johny Smith Small Group Sessions. Lovely music so far but what's on on those missing (from my set) 53 tracks? I paid for them and would like to hear them.
  3. Some years ago I bough Mosaic's "the Complete Roost Jlohnny Small Group Sessions' and just discovered, in the midst if an otherwise happy listening session that a good deal of the music is missing -- the set's final 53 tracks! I hope Mosaic can do something about thus,
  4. Anybody pick cup that Joe Castro box set that came out a while ago?They're some very good stuff there. A lot of excellent Teddy Edwards, and a some superb 1940s jam session tracks with Teddy Wilson and Stan Getz. Castro, a pretty good pianist, was hooked up with the world's wealthiest woman, jazz fan Doris Duke.
  5. He recorded my sons's now defunct math rock band --Crush Kill Destroy. Good band; they spoke highly of him.
  6. Altoist Loren Stillman's "It Could Be Anything (Freshsound, 2005).Really cohesive group; Stillman is inspired. Bassist Scott Lee contributes mightily, as does Gary Versace, on piano.
  7. Best outburst of applause on a claasical album. At the end of Horenstein's live recording of the Mahler 7th (BBC).Sudden,fierce, spontaneous.
  8. Can't measure what we all owe him.
  9. Woody Herman's "Jackpot!" (Capitol) with the eight-piece band Woody had in Vegas in the summer of 1955. (Dick Collins, Johnny Coppola , Richie Kamuca, Cy Touff, Norm Pockrandt, Monty Budwig, Chuck Flores. Sublime Kamuca, and the best Touff I know.
  10. Yes we are, technically I suppose,we're not sharing the same dwelling, but and she still says warm caring things to me. My shrink and my lawyer both say how can you ever trust her again? Then there are heavy duty financial considerations. --- a prenuptial agreement that would take a large chunk out of my assets, divorce maybe less so, but I stlll care for her, don't want to hurt her. I don't think of her as a venal person, but she does have a lawyer and who knows?
  11. She said "This is the best place for you," and because dementia is a progressive disease all I could conclude was that she thought I should stay there until I died. But I was only 81, and my dad, though there are no guarantees, made it to 95. Also, when I talked to my friends on the phone, they all said I sounded like myself, and I thought I did too -- though the was then cited was then cited as evidence a la Catch 22 of my continuing deterioration (as in "what would a demented person think"). My lawyer said it was the most amazing situation he had ever encountered. And my wife's role/motivation remains a mystery to me. My shrink's verdict: "second marriage."
  12. I somehow still have warm feelings for my wife but don't understand what she was thinking when she put me in there and lied to me in order to do so. All she will say about it is "I can't go back" (presumably in time). And she came to visit me only three times in those six months.
  13. "Buster Williams Quartet Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1999" (TOB) with Steve Nelson and Carl Allen.
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