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Mark Stryker

2022 NEA Jazz Masters; Clarke, Harrison, Hart, Wilson

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I'd like to know when/if she came out against the NEA. If that's where she's really coming from, she can and should refuse that $25K.

Otherwise, we're talking about implicit "loyalty oaths" (sic) and shit like that, which is odious as fuck, as is the notion that denying funding for embracing wacky conspiracy theories proves that there are no conspiracies.

Finally...thinking that there have been not any significant number of significant African-Americans who haven't embraced the notion that the United States Government is to a totally dangerous (to them) full-of-shit lie...seriously?

Oh, but this is different because there was/is a halfassed criminal "revolution" by delusional idiots involved? Again, seriously? All revolutions are halfassed criminal "revolutions" oby delusional idiots involved, except the ones that actually succeed. Remember who writes the history,..

What is she, a 21st Century Jane Fonda?

Americans have no sense of their own history, just of their propagandas. Which Slide Are You On, BOY?

Present her with a check that's got that insurance claim legalese on it and with a plaque that says, hey, Cassandra, you gone crazy, but you have been a great (seriously) voice for over a quarter century, so here's some spending money, don't spend it all in one place LOL, Srzly - UB trippin', but we LVUNEWAY!  Signed, The Jazz Masters Plantation Division of The NEA (a wholly owned subsidiary of the United States Government).

And then everybody go home and cook some dinner.




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