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organissimo - Groovadelphia (Big O Records 2408)

The eclectic trio Organissimo is back on Groovadelphia and up to their usual tricks on a high musical level. The sounds inside the digi-pak are not nearly as trippy as the psychedelic cover so don’t be concerned about digging out any of your old tye-died clothing. Although the threesome doesn’t have a bass player, it is very much descended from Medeski, Martin and Wood stylistically yet it manages to inject snippets and suggestions of the organ trio tradition into its programs. Speaking of which, all the selections come from within the group except for the next-to-last cut, “My Sweet Potato Pie,” written by Arno Marsh and was one of the highlights of the album. The catchy harmonica/guitar/organ head flows into a nice gospel-flavored waltz that has a certain lilt about it. There is also a nice medium shuffle with a dual organ & guitar line worthy of the late Jimmy McGriff in “Third Right On The Left” that eventually builds up a nice puff of steam. Midway through the song list things mellow down for three back-to-back numbers (Traces/Danco De Alma/If Not Now,When?) which struck me as kind of strange programming,but, oh well. It ends with an effective Fender Rhodes rumination that explores the myriad of sounds the instrument is capable of but are seldom used. Dedicated to the father of the organist, this is another worthwhile addition to their still growing discography. ~Larry Hollis

From Cadence Magazine, April 2009