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organissimo - This Is The Place (Big O Records 2404)

Organissimo, keepers of the classic organ jazz trio sound, slide out of the Midwest Jazz club scene and into the CD player on "This Is The Place" (2005 Big O Records).

The record is almost exclusively a laid-back listening experience, with guitar and organ given ample room to stretch out in solo mode. Jim Alfredson (Hammond) and Joe Gloss (guitar) play off of each other extremely well. It is a real joy to hear musicians that truly understand the art of playing as a group. Randy Marsh (drums) provides a solid and inventive beat foundation for the trio.

There are no real standout songs on the record, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. This album flows seamlessly from track to track with style and grace. This is the kind of record that plays best if you can devote the time needed (just over an hour) to listen from beginning to end in one sitting.

Having said that, there are some noteworthy musical moments not to be missed. Make sure to check out the sax work (by guest Johnny Gist) and the drum break in "Stomp Yo' Feets". The guitar work on "Tenderly" is truly magnificent and played with a very loving, soft touch. "Play Nice" and "Peaces En Regalia" both feature organ leads to be proud of.

Overall, Organissimo proves that the fine art of the organ-led Jazz trio is far from dead. On the contrary, along with Tony Monaco, Nick Rossi, Will Blades, and Jeppe Tuxen (of Ibrahim Electric), Jim Alfredson is one of the faces of the new millennium's Jazz renaissance.

If you enjoy the classic Blue Note sound of Jimmy Smith's late-1950's entries, Larry Young's work with Grant Green, or Wes Montgomery's early works on Prestige with Melvin Rhyne on organ, you should definitely check out Organissimo. "This Is The Place" just might be the place for you.

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