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Alive & Kickin'!
Organissimo | Big O Records

Album: “Alive & Kickin’!”
Artist: Organissimo
Label: Big O
Lowdown: Remember back in the ‘70s, when rock bands made it on the strength of live albums that culled the best of their studio efforts? You know, Peter Frampton, Cheap Trick, Kiss. A similar concept is at work on this trio’s latest effort, which revisits the best of its first three albums, most notably last year’s “Groovadelphia.” The result, as in the case of those ‘70s stars, is career-making music. Jim Alfredson (keyboards), Joe Gloss (guitar) and Randy Marsh (drums) were recorded live at two Michigan dates and simply tear it up. This is jazz with an irresistible organ-dominated groove, as witnessed by track titles such as “Stomp Yo’ Feets,” “Smokin’ Section,” “Jimmy Smith Goes to Washington” and “Clap Yo’ Hands,” all originals. The trio digresses into more experimental song structures for the bonus tracks, the Frank Zappa-penned “Blessed Relief” and the 18-minute-plus “Pumpkin Pie.” Put on “Alive & Kickin’!” and get ready to move.

~ Brian McCoy, Oakland Examiner, 4/25/2010