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Excerpted from the Top 10 CDs of 2010:

#10 – Organissimo, Alive & Kickin’! (Big O Records). Sure, it’s just your basic organ trio, and yeah, it’s just a live album. But it’s the best organ trio you haven’t paid attention to; and it’s that rare live disc that combines the looseness of “live” with the command of a studio date. Based in Lansing (MI), Organissimo revels in the ensemble glory of 10 years as a hard-working ensemble: they play tunes that stop and start with skid-mark precision, and effortless grooves as tight as Dick Cheney’s smile. Their telepathic unity is strong enough to grab the spotlight from the talents of the soloists – an amazing fact considering organist Jim Alfredson’s mesmerizing technique and guitarist Joe Gloss’s deceptively simple lyricism. Add in the ridiculously funky drumming of Randy Marsh, and you end up with the best organ-jazz album of the year.

~ Neil Tesser for the Chicago Examiner