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Detroit Free Press - November 9, 2008


Lansing's charismatic Organissimo digs deep into the grits 'n' gravy organ trio tradition with such joyful enthusiasm, crafty execution and meaty improvisation that the results transcend the banality that often creeps into classically conceived soul-jazz.

"Groovadelphia" (THREE STARS, Big O Records) explores a program of originals that touch base with all the standards of the genre -- a shuffle blues, a greasy boogaloo, a groovy samba, a bedroom ballad, a neo-gospel shout -- but each marker sounds refreshed. Organist Jim Alfredson and guitarist Joe Gloss bring a creative spark to their solos, and drummer Randy Marsh is rock solid. But what I like best about the band are the one-for-all mentality and the attention to details of dynamics, pacing and groove. These guys will put a smile on your face and keep it there.