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do you believe in miracles??




you do believe in miracles, if you play the lottery.

recently reading that the price of powerball tickets will shortly increase, i thought, why did it take them so long to raise prices.

for a long time, i've thought that the various lotteries are mainly a tax on poor people.

is there anything sadder than walking into a convenience store and find folks sometimes buying and buying and buying tickets.

lottery managers want poor people thinking they'll be rich overnight. the odds are that they may win 40% back, until they use the winnings to buy more tickets. what's 40% of 40%?

being rich without the ability to manage it is pretty much like being poor. many who win big quickly just as suddenly lose it.

i think of lottery salesmenm the same way as i do bartenders offering an alcoholic another drink.

just between you and i me, the lottery folks want people addicted to gambling. they are actually selling snake oil.

healthy folks don't need snake oil sick.



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I very much agree. My wife and I reside in a low income neighborhood and we see people buying lottery tickets all the time. Usually the purchase is $3 worth of gas, $10 worth of cigarettes (which is basically a pack) and $7 worth of lotto tickets paid for with a $20 bill.

The lottery system is nothing more than legalize gambling and false advertising. I cringe every time I see billboards claiming millions of dollars for schools from the lotto. In my home state of Michigan, it is not as simple as that. While it is true that the lotto contributes millions to the School Aid Fund (SAF), every year the government pulls other funding sources away from the SAF for the same amount that the lotto puts in, so the net effect of the lottery on funding is essentially zero. Neat, eh?

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