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Lazaro Vega

Classical music and the youth audience

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I wonder what they're turning to...I'm discovering, via internet radio, that there is an amazing amount of "classical music radio" from all over the world that is every bit as dull, lifeless, and (beyond) predictable as every other type of radio.

I also wonder how many classical boards there are. Ooops, sorry, not the end of the sentence. I wonder how many classical boards there are with people pointing to this article and saying hey look, the kids are coming back to our music, hooray.

You wanna know how to get away from "the noise of modern life"? Stop making it, simple as that. Or even better, make it into music instead of just regurgitating nose back as noise. Because anything that is not silence is simply noise unless and until somebody makes it otherwise. Abdicating that responsibility is not a solution, although it certainly is an option!

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