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  1. So where do the hundreds of young women doing shuffle dancing on Youtube fit in? They seem to use some electronically altered jazz...'beats' as the youngsters call them.
  2. Order of Pass/Shaw/Bee Hive arrived. Took under three weeks from order placement to doorstep; not bad considering. With these Mosaic orders and the recent Squidco sale I feel like a glutton.
  3. I received one of my orders on Friday; the Getz vinyl and it was well wrapped in bubbles. Maybe they were hearing complaints. Waiting for a second order - this one took 2 days short a month so I'm not holding my breath. On the matter of Mosaic shrugging off the odd box here and there I always thought insurance covered that stuff. Amazon and much smaller companies alike have from time-to-time given me rather expensive freebies over the years and I always figured they "wrote it off" somehow.
  4. On May 4th I ordered Getz - received notice that it's been forwarded to the warehouse. Nothing yet stating the warehouse has shipped. Another order took a few days before I received the "forwarded to warehouse" notice. In both cases, because the email had the header Mosaic Records Shipping Notification and sported an all-caps TOTAL ORDER SHIPPED I thought these emails were telling me my orders were on their way...until I checked again because of your comment. The intermediate (and slightly misleading) notification is unnecessary. I don't care that it's been sent to a warehouse. The email goes on to say it may be another week before it's off in my general direction. They're extra busy - I wouldn't worry about it just give it an extra fortnight to get to you. :: :: For what it's worth I ordered the Armstrong All Stars vinyl from Jazz Messengers on the 4th of May as well - was told it shipped on Monday the 8th - received it four days later on Friday - total time of 6 business days - double boxed and packaged like it was a mail-order baby. Mosaic needs some of that mojo, but I love 'em anyway.
  5. @David Ayers I don't know if it's generational David, but I'm a big movie buff and probably would've gotten a reference to Meshes in the Afternoon. I think cinema is at the centre of world pop-culture and cuts through generations - especially when it's about a great movie by one of your great American directors and a film that plays every year at Christmas time; my young nieces love the film. Then again all of us here seem to like old stuff, I've always loved old films have'nt you? It's about sensibility not age. @Scott Dolan you're right and I want to emphasize it hasn't happened that often usually only with the heavier vinyl boxes – I have not complained about it either. Still, when you buy something that's expensive, desirable, collectible and new having it arrive mint is the tits. I just mentioned it because like I said I have a pretty heavy 3-box order coming...fingers crossed.
  6. Scott phoned me on my cell yesterday afternoon. Felt bad about it because I'm in Nova Scotia and I planned on using Paypal (he was calling LD for my card info). He likened the last week or so to the end of It's a Wonderful Life. Haha I knew what he meant. Reading this thread I now understand how a company who seems to care so damn much could package orders in a way that's not always the best - they're not doing it. A bit disappointing finding that out, but mystery solved. Glad yours arrived in good shape King Ubu. Now I'm waiting for Shaw, Pass, Beehive, and Getz. Should know in a month if the Jamal is coming back.
  7. Yes I would like that Jamal box too Mike. I'll be ordering more this week and I'm searching for some of the vinyl boxes elsewhere and getting what's left from Mosaic. Some vinyl set just vanished without warning from the site; if there was a warning, the Sunship and Brownie sets sure went quickly.
  8. No, I wouldn't call anything on the Jordan box free, but some does venture into the avant-garde woods. Glass Bead Games is a classic record. It's a great set made more varied than some because of the many leaders. Jordan isn't even on one or two of the dates. Is this the first time Sonny Sharrock has been on a Mosaic? Don Cherry on two dates too - love that man.
  9. No I wasn't thinking of DRM; I was thinking of all the ways digital can be controlled, directly or indirectly now and in the future in ways that can't be envisioned at the present. A digital entity can be "captured", monitored, and controlled in many ways. It's all about control. I don't necessarily have a preference in sound quality either in the sense that I enjoy music on all the formats. Look at self-driving cars. Once they are ubiquitous human drivers will slowing be pushed off the road - I have a feeling you call that progress Even now we've seen that a modern car can be located and turned off by law-enforcement. The digital age has meant many good things, but it's also been a slow erosion of personal freedoms and an increased ability of those in power to control populations. In an ideal world that would not be a concern, but this world ain't that. I'm no conspiracy nut, but I think perhaps you're naive. But I'll allow I misunderstand a good deal of things. Thanks for putting it so nicely. edit: sorry for stepping on toes by going way off-topic. I'll leave it there. Heck who cares what I think the future is going where it will. And I'll go there too one way or another. I just shake my head at folks who go all-in on a digital library and get rid of everything they collected (and I know a few). I'm heartened that vinyl is having a resurgence at least even though I don't collect vinyl in a big way. Peace.
  10. @lipi We love you too, man. Haha. I don't know, for me running off into the bright new future with digital is to be a dupe of the corporations. They have far more control over your music when it's digital than when it's physical, but maybe I'm being paranoid. I just know new has panned out over and over again to not always mean "best". Also, when I go into a records store it's packed with 20-somethings buying vinyl. I agree with you though, a company must be willing and able to adapt to new trends. Speaking of corporations it's interesting that you used ALAC as an example instead of the open-sourced FLAC. Corporate dupe! Now I admit I don't want to jettison my large collection of vinyl and CDs collected over many years, but I'm not stuck in the 20th century. I have a Bryston digital-player and DAC collecting dust...so I'm ready if need be.
  11. @ElginThompson I've been into jazz for a while now but I know nothing about Ahmed Jamal besides his name, maybe that's the case with others; however, I looked into this after yr post & it sounds like a good box. @ArtSalt 39 big boxes in about 12 years sounds like you've done pretty good to me – I have 42 IF I include 16 Selects and four singles. Three Commodores, two other big boxes, and two selects I bought here in town, but the rest I got from mosaic directly. I never once, since 2004 paid customs duty. The $20-$25 Canadian for shipping is a little steep, but isn't bad considering the size and "dimensional weight" of these things. It depends on the company. I hesitate to order movies from the Criterion Collection or Amazon.com because I will pay big for import. On the other hand I often order movies from Eureka! in the UK and not only do I not pay customs but shipping is free worldwide – it's an uneven world out there. Digital downloads will always be a compromise in my book but certainly better than nothing; however, you can pretty much do that now for hundreds of great jazz albums. The one or two I've heard sound pretty darn good but are about as special to me as listening to something on YouTube
  12. I thought the Mosaic emails were simply a nice way to create a sense of community for Mosaic-/jazz-fans and it has pointed me to news I wouldn't have been aware of otherwise on many occasions. It's a tad unfair to call it lame and a tad+ unfair to call it "spam". I mean you do have to ask for it. I ordered the Louis All-Stars from Jazzmessengers. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to write a comment. I trust it'll come safe and sound. Now that it's off Mosaic's site I can't work it out - how does it compare to it's CD counterpart in terms of content? The CD box must have a good deal more music worth owning. I also ordered the Getz vinyl box directly from Mosaic even though I wasn't planning on getting that one soon, if ever. I simply 'like' Getz, but I feel the vinyl Mosaics are a little more special and worth getting when I still can. Having said that I recently spent 4K on a new CD-player so I love those too. Now if Prime Minister Trudeau gives me my tax refund I'll also get that Beehive, Woody Shaw, Roland Kirk vinyl, and who knows...thank god I started getting paid better a couple years ago and already picked up the "modern" stuff like Jordan, Threadgill, Braxton, and Mingus along with several others incl. Selects. I would never have been able to buy it all now with this trouble Mosaic is having so I feel I dodged a bullet. The sample audio for the Beehive really sounds great to my ears as does the Shaw. Scott was nice enough to put Shaw aside for me. A couple years ago I had my MJQ box stolen; with the book and two, still unopened CDs inside. They sent me replacements for $30. I love those guys and will miss them if they go. Rambling follows: For what it's worth I'm one of those "digital kids". I owe my knowledge/love of music to downloading thousands of albums and exploring music to find my way without having to waste tens of thousands of dollars on avenues not to my tastes. Having said that I love physical media - I like my collection around me. It's comforting and satisfying. I feel no where near the love or attachment to digital media on my sex-box computer and I don't think it's true ownership in my opinion as it feels somewhat ephemeral. I will dearly miss Mosaic when they go. To each their own. Younger folks are buying vinyl in droves and now cassettes (??!) and I've even seen new, ridiculously overpriced reel-to-reel so I don't understand this talk about the death of physical media. It's more like a cycle. Rough collection breakdown (50% jazz primarily post-war): 2000 CDs/700 vinyl/700 digital. A bit on the small side, but a healthy balanced diet. Sorry if somewhat off-topic.
  13. OK, thanks for the quick replies guys. I better get on that; been wanting that for awhile if anything was meant for analogue it's Pops' trumpet. Now I just need to buy a record player.
  14. Have any folks from North America ordered from Jazzmessengers? I'm considering ordering the Armstrong All-stars vinyl box from them, but I'm hesitant. The registration page is unsecure and I also worry about how they package things - even Mosaic doesn't box my vinyl orders as well as they should sometimes. In short, can I trust them? I'm surprised I can get it from them for the same price as from Mosaic seeing as it's been OOP for a day now. Thanks for any comments on this.
  15. Oh yeah I *have* heard about those things. Looks like a giant Emu. They were from New Zealand and the Mauri hunted them to extinction right? This is embarrassing, but I got the name from Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Duckman or Space Ghost Coast to Coast - one of those crazy cartoons. I'm going back on Friday, if the Commodores are there I'm going to seriously consider buying them. They looked like new. I may still consider selling 'em since they don't seem like a good fit to my collection; the purchase would be a third of my total current vinyl. I have a couple thousand CDs and only a so-so DUAL turntable. They'd have a better home with some 'well-healed' jazz lover who's earned 'em
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