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  1. I took a "jazz combo" class for beginners this year and tried to revive my trumpet, so listened more attentively to trumpet players. I knew him, but Blue Mitchell was my "discovery". Love his tone and feel. Made a little playlist with my favorites from these two quartet records and it makes for a really good "album".
  2. Noticed that one in the OBC album discography, listening now. Great soulful voice, that Al Smith, and quite a band behind (Lockjaw, Shirley Scott, Wendell Marshall and Arthur Edgehill).
  3. The thread made me pull out "Midnight Walk" this morning, it had been a while: fun, funky, excellent originals, really like Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim percussive playing here. Speaking of Thad in the mid-sixties, he has some fantastic solos on Monk's "Big Band and Quartet" ("Bye-Ya", "I Mean You", "Light Blue") and on "The Individualism of Gil Evans" ("Concorde" and "Spoonful", with Elvin again on drums).
  4. Great find at a nearby used cd store ($5!). "Late" Shaw and a young Geri Allen in cracking form. (Just noticed that the cover painting was by Gil Melle.)
  5. Ah, yes, I thought about it (saw it a few months ago in used CD store here in Montreal) but as I already had most of Moncur's Blue Note output... Wonder why it hasn't been reissued as a single CD, it certainly would have its takers.
  6. The "Hipnosis" session on YouTube (sure would be nice to have it on CD...)
  7. Haven't spent too much time the 3 Sounds over the years, but listening now to "It Just Got To be" reminds me (in a good way) of John Wright's Prestige albums ("South Side Soul" and cie)
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