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  1. Genuine question: Thirty years ago, Mosaic was releasing sets from the 1960s. Is there a business reason why they can't release sets from the 1990s now? Or is it just that they want to maintain the impression that historically important jazz ended in the 1960s?


    6 hours ago, Larry Kart said:

    At the juncture we seem to be at, I think it would be a good idea to look back at the history of Mosaic and ask ourselves, as well as the folks that be at Mosaic, which sets and which kinds of sets (big boxes, Selects, etc.) did the best -- economically and/or in terms of satisfying strongly  felt needs within the community, even if such sets didn't always generate great sales. I think that up to a point almost all the early sets were slam-dunks from one point of view or another: Muillgan/Baker; Clifford Brown; Blakey 1960s; Buck Clayton Jam Sessions; L. Hampton Victors; Hodges small groups; Blue Note Elvin; Maynard Ferguson Roulette; Thad and Mel; Lunceford Deccas, Tristano, Konitz, Marsh, Atlantics, the Armstrong sets, Basie/Lester Young, Chu Berry, etc. Two possible deviations from whatever the general Mosaic model was were Tina Brooks and Freddie Redd, and both of those were blessings in my book. Another blessing that recently just dropped from the trees was the "private" Tristano set. That said, I think that there can be little doubt that failing further such pieces of good luck, we're now hard-pressed for slam-dunks, and Mosaic without slam-dunks is ill ease to say the least.

    Now the old or original Mosaic model was eminently sound, I think -- both in terms of filling vital needs for the jazz community snd probably (I don't have the figures of course) economically sound as well. Can Mosaic more or less go on as it has before on what might be thought of as a reduced diet of some sort? If not what alterations to what seems to have been the Mosaic model would make sense -- -- in terms of filling community needs and significant historical gaps, etc? Notably broadening the jazz aspect of Mosaic might be/probably would be self-defeating; that this is more or less a purist endeavor seems to be of its essence. For instance, at one time I thought of Sauter-Finnegan, which might be fun, and might even  do well sales-wise, but really...?

    I certainly don't have the answer or answers, but, again, I think that a close look at Mosaic's past might clarify matters. 



    If you look at it, the vast majority of their releases exist within a roughly forty year time span (1930-1970). Those decades have been pretty thoroughly documented, which is why these threads almost never yield any suggestions that I'd be interested in buying. 

  2. I bought my first Mosaic when I was 26 years old. I'm now 45. Something that surprises me is that in those two decades, Mosaic has really done nothing to try to reach a broader audience or to move outside of its particular comfort zone, even though the number of people interested in jazz recordings from the 1930s to the 1960s has obviously shrunk over that time. 


  3. In the need to create some space, I have the following Box sets and individual CDs for sale. Paypal only, PM if interested. Prices include shipping to the US. Please inquire about international deliveries:

    Box Sets:

    Debussy: Complete Orchestral Works (Naxos) $30
    Julius Hemphill: The Boye Multi-National Crusade for Harmony $70

    Individual CDs:

    Albert Ayler: New York Eye and Ear Control Revisited (Ezz-thetics) $10 (still sealed)
    Albert Ayler: La Cave Live Cleveland 1966 Revisited (Ezz-thetics) $10 (still sealed)
    Albert Ayler: 1964 Prophecy Revisited (Ezz-thetics) $7
    Albert Ayler: 1964 Spirits to Ghosts Revisited (Ezz-thetics) $7
    John Carter/Bobby Bradford: Flight For Four $30
    Joe Harriott: Free Form & Abstract Revisited (Ezz-thetics) $12
    Keith Jarrett: Always Let Me Go (ECM) $10 (still sealed)
    Steve Lacy: The Way (hatology) $11 (still sealed)
    Archie Sheep: Blasé and Yasmina Revisited (Ezz-thetics) $7


  4. I like the Evans Verve set. I like the music, I like the packaging even. I like the rust. I've never had any problem with anything interfering with the music on that set. 

    The packaging that I really don't like is Mosaic. The cookie cutter approach does a real disservice to the music. I'd rather see a company go for something and try to make a statement with the packaging than to just use the same formula over and over again.

    One reason I'm glad that Mosaic has never done a Sun Ra set is that their boring packaging would be a complete disservice to Sun Ra's vision. 

  5. Hello,

    I have the following box sets for sale. PayPal only, PM if interested. Shipping is included to US. Will ship internationally at cost. All boxes are in like new condition unless otherwise indicated. Thanks!

    Art Ensemble of Chicago -- And Associated Ensembles (ECM) $80
    Anthony Braxton--Quintet (Tristano) 2014 -- $60
    Slim Harpo -- Buzzin' the Blues: The Complete Slim Harpo (Bear Family) $70
    Leadbelly: Smithsonian Folkways Collection (Smithsonian Folkways) -- $40


  6. I picked this up at my local record store this week. I think it is one of the most beautiful box sets I have ever seen. The photos and everything are absolutely incredible. Of course, I had almost all of this on CD, but I haven't listened to the CDs in years and I didn't have any of it on vinyl. I am enjoying the set a great deal, mainly because other than the Golden Circle albums I have never paid too much attention to Ornette's Blue Note period. 

    For me, there haven't been many good jazz box sets in the last couple years. I haven't liked/been interested in any of the Mosaic releases. The best ones that have come out have been the Blue Note Lee Morgan box and this one. 

  7. On 2/22/2022 at 2:59 PM, JSngry said:

    81-85 can be good, but...we still need to cover the Pete Cosey bands!

    I don't understand why they didn't release it years ago. All the metal spine boxes they did seemed to be heading towards a culmination with the Agharta/Pangaea material. Why was that box never released?

  8. Thanks for the responses. Would love to see recommendations for specific recordings featuring trombone, say from the last 20 years or so. I know the question is revealing my ignorance, but listening to older jazz I realized this is an instrument I have always loved to hear, and yet I don't know a lot that has been produced in the 21st century...

    9 hours ago, Д.Д. said:

    Gianluca Petrella is an excellent trombonist. This release of his is excellent, for example: https://gianlucapetrella.bandcamp.com/album/x-ray  

    From the older generation, Sebi Tramontana. This new one is good: https://inexhaustibleeditions.bandcamp.com/album/han-jiae 

    Thanks for reminding me of Petrella. I saw him play live in New York with Enrico Rava several years ago, and he stood out for sure. 

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