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  1. Some unforeseen expenses mean I have to jettison a nice Mosaic set I purchased recently.

    I have the Roy Eldridge (Mosaic #222) for sale. The Eldridge is still sealed, with minor wear to the outer box.

    I will sell this set for $125, including shipping to the US. Please inquire about international deliveries. Paypal only, PM if interested. Thanks!


  2. I'll say right now that these two boxes, which I've been listening to this week and which I plan to spend the rest of the year immersed in, immediately vault up to the top three or four sets in my collection. As I've said elsewhere, the best box sets tell stories, and this one does that better than anything else I've ever encountered. Of course you can get all this music burned onto a disc. But for that matter, if you want, you can get almost anything for free if you know where to look. I'm grateful that somebody decided to issue this material in a way that was respectful to its historical importance. 

  3. I just picked up the first volume of this and am listening to it now. The box is over the top, obviously, but a beautiful art piece nonetheless. The flash drive is more than just a list of files--it also has an interactive feature that you can make particular playlists or just randomize what you listen to. 

    Is it worth the price? No, I don't think so. But to get it I just sold a bunch of music that I will probably never listen to again anyways, so, who cares? Lastly, I think the angst over the use of Mp3s instead of lossless files is bizarre. Lossless Paramount recordings from the 1920s? What is it exactly that you think you are missing, sonically? 

    Anyway, fuck it, I'm getting the second box too. 

  4. Hello all,

    I have the following sets for sale. Unless otherwise noted, all are in like-new condition. Prices include shipping to the US; will ship internationally at cost. 

    Box Sets:

    Bennie Green -- Bennie Green Mosaic Select $45

    Charles Mingus -- Passions of a Man: The Complete Atlantic Recordings $45

    Bill Evans -- The Complete Riverside Recordings $65

    Bud Powell -- The Complete Bud Powell On Verve $45

    John Coltrane -- Live in Japan $20

    Individual CDs on Hatology Label:

    Steve Lacy -- Clinkers $10

    Steve Lacy/Brion Gysin -- Songs $10

    Steve Lacy -- Morning Joy $10

    Joe McPhee -- Survival Unit II with Clifford Thornton $10

    Joe McPhee -- Tenor and Fallen Angels $10

    Joe McPhee -- Sweet Freedom, Now What? $10

    Joe McPhee -- As Serious As Your Life $10 (some wear to outer spine)

    Joe McPhee -- Po Music, Oleo $10 (minor wear to outer spine)

    Blue Note CDs

    Hank Mobley -- Thinking of Home $10 (BN Conn)

    Andrew Hill -- Pax $10 (BN Conn)

    Bobby Hutcherson -- San Francisco $10 (SHM Japan)

    CDs from America Series

    Paul Bley -- Improvisie $10

    CDs from Improvised Music From Japan Label

    Yumiko Tanaka -- Tayutauta $10

    Sachiko M/Andrea Neumann -- In Case of Fire Take The Stairs $10

    Sachiko M -- Bar Sachiko $10

    Otomo Yoshihide -- Ensemble Cathode $10

    Toshimaru Nakamura -- Side Guitar $10

    Ami Yoshida -- Tiger Thrush $10

    Aki Onda -- Bon Voyage! $10

    Toshimaru Nakamura/Tetuzi Akiyama -- Meeting At Off Site, Vol. 1 $10

    Toshimaru Nakamura/Tetuzi Akiyama -- Meeting At Off Site, Vol. 2 $10

    Toshimaru Nakamura/Tetuzi Akiyama -- Meeting At Off Site, Vol. 3 $10



  5. As I have been reading it, one of the things that I've started to wonder about is to what extent the kinds of spirituality invoked by jazz musicians is generational, both in the historical sense of the book's heavier focus on musicians of the 1960s and thereafter, and also in the biographical sense of musicians gravitating towards these concerns as they gain more age and experience.

    The other thing I was reflecting on last night was how many of the voices in the book are now deceased, or are now of very advanced age. So the book has also made me reflect more on the future of jazz.

    The one thing I can say is that it is very gratifying to read a book that takes so seriously the very musicians that I admire most--Ayler, John Carter, the Art Ensemble, Sun Ra, Dennis Gonzalez, etc. I can imagine in another author's hands that would have been very different.

  6. I'm most of the way through this now. It's a fantastic book, beautifully written and almost overwhelmingly stimulating and inspiring. All the quotations from the various musicians mentioned are worth the price of admission alone, but Jason did a fantastic job weaving them together and putting them in conversation with one another. I can't recommend the book highly enough.

  7. FWIW, I might have mentioned that my first exposure to the whole GTM thing was a while back, travelling back on 1-20, cold, misty weather, traffic stopped and backed up for miles due to some kind of an accident. I had it on while waiting for things to get moving, left lane, stuck, and out of the bad-weather distance came some road crew people, vests, boots, hard hats, the whole deal, and they were just...moving, but not much else, just a slow, dulled walk to god knows where. I noticed that their walk was somehow eerily in sync with the music. Bad weather, stuck in one place, ghostly moving people walking past, I got Ghost Trance Music right then and there in a way I might never have elsewise elsewhere. Or may I didn't really get it, maybe I just formed an association that made sense to me. Either way, I've dug it ever since.


  8. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/products?term.list_id=ecm_shmcd_20150213

    What would be your recommendations to somebody not really into the ECM's jazz output?

    I do not see any new remastering info.



    I'm not into the ECM aesthetic anymore but I've always really liked Ralph Towner's output on the label, including the duos with Gary Peacock. And Abdullah Ibrahim's African Piano is a great record.

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