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  1. Yes I didn't think so. As far as the color of the boxes, I wonder if maybe Red was the first 500 sets and Blue the last 500. I haven't been able to find out so far.
  2. I've seen two different box colors of this lp set. Red and Blue. Does anyone know why there were two different ones? Also, I think vol. 1-10 were on individual cd's and only vol. 11 was in the lp set.
  3. Man, I didn't know any of this. I mean I had heard of the possible overdubs, but the parts about not being included on issued records makes sense. Possibly "On The Sunny Side of the Street" was shortened as well, with Dickenson coming in later? Thank you so kindly for responding so quickly even though I am about 4 years late to the party lol
  4. It's funny because on the Chronological series (802) of the Garner series, the first volume, there are two different front and back covers. One just says "piano solos" and the other lists other musicians. Even on the notes inside the booklet, one says all Garner solos, and one says other musicians are on "I surrender dear" and "on the sunny side of the street". Same barcode. Yet, when you play both of the cd's, they both sound like piano solos.
  5. Hello Bluenote65. Do you still have the Erroll Garner Chronological Classics 802 for sale? I've seen two different covers for this. One just says "Piano solos" and the other says "Piano solos with Vic Dickenson and all stars orchestra".
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