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Found 1 result

  1. In these the final days of the CD era it sometimes appears as if some releases are not drawing attention like they would have 10-15 years ago. It's almost like many of those who still cherish the "physical product" have given up on even looking for new releases or reissues (including myself). Anyway, I happened to notice that there were a few Pacific Jazz titles reissued by EMI Toshiba on June 19th along with a couple of Capitol albums. Clare Fisher's 'Manteca!', a nice enough big band album from 1966, has to my knowledge not been on CD before. Also, the two albums he did with Bud Shank 'Brasamba' and 'Bossa Nova Jazz Samba', have only been released in full on the Spanish PD label Solar Records last year; they were unlistenable needle drops. Here's the whole batch from June, all priced quite reasonably at 1200 Yen (=12 USD/9 EUR/8 GBP): Cannonball Adderley 'The Happy People' (Capitol),TOCJ-66621 Guitars Unlimited 'Quiet Nights & Brazilian Guitars' (Capitol), TOCJ-66622 Stan Kenton 'Artistry in Bossa Nova' (Capitol), TOCJ-66623 Sergio Mendes/Wanda De Sah 'Brasil '65' (Capitol), TOCJ-66624 Wanda De Sah 'Softly' (Capitol), TOCJ-66625 Clare Fischer 'Manteca!' (Pacific Jazz), TOCJ-66626 Bud Shank & Clare Fischer 'Bossa Nova Jazz Samba' (Pacific Jazz), TOCJ-66627 Bud Shank/Clare Fischer/Joe Pass 'Brasamba' (Pacific Jazz), TOCJ-66628
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