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Found 1 result

  1. Thanks to everybody who participated by both jsut listening and then for providing some really thoughtful commentaries. I haven't had this much fun hosting a BFT for quite some time! Hopefully the fun was shared! These answers are for the LP Version. SIDE ONE (THE PARTY NEVER STOPS) 1. FREDDIE ROACH - Two Different Worlds (from Mo' Greens Please) Straight ahead. STRAIGHT F-ING AHEAD. Good times before, during and after. 2.THE J's WITH JAMIE - M.O.A. (Columbia Special Presentation 45) Swinging pretty hard in the pursuit of money, which is just one more way to look for a good time, right? Talking with somebody who knew the people on that scene at that sight, Dick Marx was a big jingle guy who regularly used jazz players because of their flexibility and ability to change on the spot. Players he is said to have regularly used were Jim Atlas on bass (known from some Jimmy Giuffre records) and John Young on organ/piano. No way to confirm if that's them on the record, but it swings WAAAAY harder than it needs to. 3. George Braith - Chop Sticks (from Laughing Soul) Spend a day or two checking out all of George Braith's Spotify catalog. Just sayin'. Until then, this party ain't never stoppin'! Even if "Chop Sticks" is credited as a Braith original when it's really just the old classical piano exercise, which really was composed by somebody...who cares, the party stops for no one!) 4. Jim's Edits - Soft Shoe (white label record of unknown origin, sourced from Gerry Mulligan/Bob Brookmeyer Salle Pleyel concert, 1954) Seriously. I have no idea who did this, or if there's only 300 made. But they're out there on Discogs. https://www.discogs.com/release/3231499-Unknown-Artist-Jims-Edits-1 But check out the original and then how totally it's been transformed by this treatment. Live players should pay attention, and yes, take a lesson. Imo, of course. Not that one is better than the other, just that...there are other options available for older material, meaningfully different options. Now HERE's a party! Wow, so much party energy...so wound up that it's can be mechanized to go on forever, can it ever break? Will it ever break? SIDE TWO (THE PARTY NEVER STOPS...UNTIL IT DOES) 5. SUENAGA TOGI and GAGAKU MUSICIANS FROM THE IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD ORCHESTRA (rec. 1903) - Bairo (from Sound Storing Machines - The First 78 RPM Records from Japan, 1903-1912) You ever find yourself being TOTALLY disoriented? Like, NO idea of time, place, space, anything? Until this cut on this CD, the last time that happened to me was when I get lost in an Albert Ayler bagpipe thing, got lost and wasn't sure how to get back out. This is an amazing CD for any number of reasons, but nothing else on here discombobulated me the way this one did (and for a long time...maybe even to this date, a little bit). 6. GIL MELLE - Jog Falls Spinning Song (from Tome VI) A little more focus, but still getting woozy and fuzzy, still not wure exactly where we are, but at least it's some place... Those liner notes that you can't read up there tell you that the musicians are Bass, Cello, Electronics [Envelope] – Benfaral Matthews Percussion – Fred C. Stofflet Piano, Electronics [Electar] – Forrest Westbrook Soprano Saxophone, Electronics [Tome Vi, Effects Generator], Liner Notes, Composed By, Arranged By – Gil Melle They will also give you a basic breakdown of what all of these homemade electronics do. It's incredibly primitive by today's standards, but in 1968, "electronic music" that didn't involve computers and/or tapes WAS primitive. Don Ellis was finding a few commercially-made products, but Gil Melle was just doing it for himself! I've long had the LP, but the version here came from this collection: https://alphastate.nyc/products/gil-melle-the-andromeda-strain If you want to hear more of Gil Melle post-1950s BN/Prestige, this is a well-recommended set. 7. NEW YORK ART QUARTET w/AMIRI BARAKA - Seek Light At Once (from 35th Anniversary) Includes the poem "Masked Angel Costume": I think that Baraka is one of the most musical readers/reciters there's been. Not always, but quite often. As for Mantan Moreland/Birmingham (BIRMINGHAM!!!) Brown... NSFW: Seek light at once! 8. SONNY ROLLINS (with EARL COLEMAN) - Two Different Worlds (from Tour de Force) and back in the light we are, back where we started, but, uh...not like we were when we started. Two different worlds?
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