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Found 5 results

  1. This week's Night Lights show is a centennial salute to TV host and jazz advocate Steve Allen. The program includes clips of appearances on Allen's show by Art Tatum and Miles Davis, excerpts from the triple-LP The Story Of Jazz that Allen narrated, Allen's jazz/poetry collaboration with Jack Kerouac, an all-star performance of Allen's signature song "This Could Be The Start Of Something Big," and more: Jazz Tonight With Steve Allen
  2. I’ve been revisiting some late-1970s sitcoms lately—Taxi, One Day At A Time, WKRP In Cincinnati, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Soap, primarily—and am being reminded of how many great theme songs there were for shows back then—catchy one-minute snippets that established a very specific mood and became a sort of Pavlovian cue for spending half an hour in a favorite fictional setting. In addition to the programs above, here are some other notable show themes—some instrumental, some with lyrics: The Rockford Files Sanford and Son Alice The Six Million Dollar Man (hello, Oliver Nelson!) Good Times Happy Days All In The Family Barney Miller Baretta S.W.A.T. ... gotta be more, what am I forgetting?
  3. Phil Woods goes where no man has gone before... Barry Harris loves Lucy... Bob James takes a taxi. Last week’s Night Lights show now up for online listening (with plenty of material on the cutting-room floor for a sequel): Heard It On The TV: Jazz Takes On Television Themes
  4. The recent Night Lights show, Jazz For Mad Men: Hits From The 1960s is now archived for online listening.
  5. Hey all, I'm working on a Night Lights show about jazz recordings of TV themes and have been putting together a list of some obvious candidates (Shelly Manne and "Peter Gunn") and perhaps not so obvious (Ornette Coleman and "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman"). What can you think of or suggest? It can be either covers/interpretations or the original recordings (thinking here of Nelson Riddle and "Route 66," for example). I've come up with quite a few, but I always like to check in with the Organissimo brain-trust for recommendations. (Along these same lines, there's a fun new CD out from pianist Randy Waldman: Superheroes. I played his version of Oliver Nelson's theme for "The Six Million Dollar Man" on my afternoon show today.)
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