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Here's a nice webcast of Henri Texier's "Strada Sextet" recorded August 29, 2004 at Austria's Jazzfestival Saalfelden:


(Can't check the link myself, if it doesn't work, go here and click "Ecouter")

The band consists of:

Henri Texier - bass

Sébastien Texier - as,cl

François Corneloup - ss,bari

Gueorgui Kornazov - tb

Manu Codjia - guitar

Christophe Marguet - drums

The webcast includes three tunes, two of them running 17 minutes, plus a 7 minute one to start of. The titles are "Lady Bertrand" (dedicated to Bertrand Tavernier), "Sacrifice", and "Old Delhi". All music written by Texier.

This is what I think about half of their Saalfelden concert, I have some more from a different broadcast. Very nice music, check it out!

As with BBC3 webcasts, these "Le jazz probablement" webcasts are available till the next one comes up. Air-time is Sunday midnight-Monday 1 a.m. Paris time.

Usually at least one track from a new CD starts off the show, before they get to the live part, which usually takes up 30-45 minutes. The Texier live tracks start around 4 or 5 minutes into the show.


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