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BFT 38 - Disc Two Answers


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1. "Time To Smile" by pianist Freddie Redd featuring Jackie McLean from the Blue Note album Music from "The Connection"

2. "Pat 'N' Chat" by tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley from the Blue Note album The Turnaround!

3. "Bright Mississippi" by pianist Renee Rosnes from the Blue Note album With A Little Help From My Friends

4. "More Than You Know" by baritone saxophonist Nick Brignola from the Reservoir album Like Old Times

5. "John Denver" by saxophonist Chris Cheek from the Fresh Sound New Talent album Blues Cruise

6. "Godsend" by tenor/soprano saxophonist Jimmy Greene from the RCA Victor album Brand New World

7. "Bonus Round" by tenor/soprano saxophonist John Ellis from the Hyena album One Foot In The Swamp

8. "Madame Toulouse" by saxophonist Michael Brecker from the Impulse! album Two Blocks From The Edge

9. "Big Top" by tenor/soprano saxophonist Chris Potter from a Live Show at the Bimhuis (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

10. "Big Top Continued" by tenor/soprano saxophonist Chris Potter from a Live Show at the Bimhuis (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

in-depth info to follow sometime soon when I get a chance....


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Jeez, I'm embarassed! I thought the Rosnes track was Monk himself! I guess that's why even though I knew the tune, I wondered if this might be an alternate take of the original Monk LP track. It was familiar and unfamilar at the same time. I give these musicians credit on the one hand for so closely duplicating the sound of the original band, but then I have to wonder, what's the point?

The Hank track was so completely out of Horace Silver, that I assumed it to be Horace. Oh well, and I've had this record for decades, too! :(

And Nick Brignola - the clarinet wasn't quite as facile as I'm used to from Buddy DeFranco, but I attributed that to Buddy's age. Gotta find out who that piano is!

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