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  1. I still lurk regularly around here, although I rarely post. Stereo Jack's is still open, now in a new location in Ball Square, Somerville, under new management. The owner and staff are all former staffers of the Cambridge store. The address is 736 Broadway, Somerville. https://stereojacks.com/
  2. I recently had a conversation with the current owner of Stereo Jack's at its new location, and he confessed to me that because they have less display space than at the old store, they simply don't have enough room for the many rows of dollar bins. ☹️
  3. I can only speak about the dollar bin at my store, but the pricing had nothing to do with condition. There were many gems to be found in the dollar bin, and they were there simply because they were items that we had determined that customers wouldn't pay any more for. New customers routinely asked about the condition of the records in the dollar bin, and we reassured them that everything was in clean condition. Of course times are changing, and perhaps a dollar isn't what it used to be! Many stores may now feel that records that will only bring a dollar just aren't worth putting out.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/san-diego-sax-great-anthony-ortega-dead-at-94-played-with-them-all-from-julie-andrews-to-frank-zappa/ar-AA13FwzM
  5. I followed the band on record at the time, had the first four LP's. I was in the audience for their Woodstock appearance, and they were quite good, as I recall. Haven't heard them in years, but it's nice to know that their catalog has been made available again.
  6. I first saw him with George Benson's quartet back in 1966. Oh man, that was 56 years ago! Great player, always dependable. R.I.P., Ronnie.
  7. The JHB album on Columbia was a favorite in my house back in the day.
  8. With the recent death of Barry Harris at 91, I got to wondering how many major jazz artists are still with us over 90? So far, I've been able to come up with five: Sonny Rollins, 91 Kenny Burrell, 90 Roy Haynes, 96 Lou Donaldson, 95 Bill Crow, 94 Any others?
  9. Years ago I heard about her from some jazz vocal fans who were high on her, but I didn't catch on at the time. I couple of years ago I managed to get a multi-CD set on the Real Gone Jazz label (a "grey label" release, no doubt, but decent quality) that contains all six of her LP's. I have to say I find her quite intriguing. Haven't seen the Lincoln commercial, but will watch for it.
  10. The average Kenny G fan never heard of Stan Getz. I just threw up in my mouth.
  11. The film is a must see, even if it is merely a teaser for a forthcoming box set (we can wish). The musical high points are SO HIGH - Mahalia & Mavis, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, to name just three. See it on the big screen, if you can. For our first time at the movies in a year and a half, this was a wonderful way to break back in!
  12. Looks great, Dan! All of your efforts really paid off.
  13. Bob was a fountain of knowledge who I could always rely upon for tidbits of information from when I first met him forty years ago. Over the years we became good friends and business associates in the record business, and we did many deals together. I know I'll be one of many who will miss him.
  14. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. My health care provider contacted me during January informing us that we will be notified when appointments would be available, starting February 1. The underlying message was "Don't call us, we'll call you." On the morning of February 1, I received an e-mail instructing me to go to their website, as appointments were now being offered. Within a few minutes I had the location and the date, and on Friday, Feb 5 I got the 1st dose. After I received the shot, they set up the appointment for the 2nd shot, and I got it on Feb. 26. Side effects? Nothing after the 1st, minor queasiness for about 24 hours after the 2nd. Btw, it was the Pfizer vaccine. My city was also offering appointments starting in late January, but I'm glad I didn't have to go that route.
  15. I have the set. Which pages do you need?
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