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Shawn Glyde - Alternate Rhythm

GA Russell

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Recently I was given a copy of a new album by a young drummer named Shawn Glyde called Alternate Rhythm. It might appeal to some fans of the Don Ellis Orchestra.

Glyde went into the recording studio and recorded the drum track for each of the songs first. Having done that, the other band members composed melodies that fit the rhythms already recorded.

Each of the rhythm patterns is unusual. For example, a pattern may extend over four measures. The first three measures will be in 4/4 time, and the fourth will be something odd such as 11/16 time. That is repeated throughout the song.

Other songs are similar, except that the unusual measure may be 13/16 or 15/16. It's all very difficult to tap your foot to.

This has the sound of a typical fusion album - heavy on the synth, with melody by the sax. Other than Joe Zawinul, I can't think of a synth album that I like. So I can tell you that because of the synth sound this album is not for me.

But if your primary interest is in the rhythm, you may find this album interesting.

I am not aware of anywhere you can pick this album up except directly from the label at www.imuso.com

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