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Yamaha p80 dying -- suggestions for replacement?


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Unfortunately a recent move left my 2nd 'D' and 'E' keys above middle C VERY sticky. Additionally the once-clean piano sound is very buzzy, for lack of a better term, on my amp. I have had this keyboard for 8 years, so I have gotten a lot of good use out of it. Do any of the pianists here have any replacement suggestions?


- No longer gigging regularly, but really like the portability of the P80. Using mostly for practicing purposes, but want the flexibility for the rare engagements

- Weighted keys a must! The P80 action is very good, in my opinion.

- Sounds / polyphany / midi / computer hookup not important. A good piano and rhodes sound is all I need.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Right now I've looked into the new Yamaha P85, but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations of something better, before I go with the old tried and true...

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I was a Yamaha guy for awhile and then went Roland with my current piano an FP3 (about 5 years old). They now have an updated version with much better organ sounds though I am still happy with what I have. The Rhodes is good too. I always liked Rolands weights.


Otherwise, when I worked at a piano store 4 years ago, I got hooked on the Kawai mp9500, though it is not cheap. Has real wooden hammers inside (but shorter) which actually strikes something giving a true feel. You can probably find one used somewhere.


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