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I understand that if you click on a member's name on the side of a post, and you select from the drop-down "Find Member's Posts," it will display all of that member's posts on the board. Is there a way to find member's posts only in a particular topic? The search function lets you find a member's posts in a particular forum, but not a topic.

I think this could be useful. For example, in the past few months that I have joined, I have found some members that seem to have similar tastes and that have shared vast amounts of knowledge. By finding all of that member's posts in the topics "What vinyl are you currently spinning?" or "What are you currently listening to?" I'd be able to form an excellent albums wishlist, often with specific insight from a source that I trust. Perhaps there is a way to create a topic that lists each member's specific posts to those respective topics. The compiled "1 artist 1 album" list from years ago has been similarly helpful for me.

Any thoughts?



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The board software as currently configured doesn't seem to allow for an intra-thread member search . Inputting a member's name into the "search topic" feature ( bottom-left of each page ) only brings up that member's posts if they have been quoted by someone else . You can always use the "Ctrl + F" search function of your browser , but that means having to open and search each page individually .

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