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31st Leverkusener Jazztage


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To make it easier, here are the dates and artists of the main program:

November 6-14

06.11. Masters of Acoustic Guitar

Paco de Lucía & Band

Al Di Meola New World Sinfonia

Joe Robinson

07.11. The Queen of Fado


Carmen Souza

Jessica Gall

08.11. Masters of Blues Guitar

Johnny Winter & Band

Eric Sardinas and Big Motor

09.11. Masters of Electric Guitar

Steve Lukather & Band

Allan Holdsworth

John Scofield Trio

Joscho Stephan Trio

10.11. Meeting Point

Wolfgang Niedecken & WDR Big Band

Music Maker Relief Foundation Blues Revue

11.11. Drum World

Billy Cobham & Band

Omar Hakim & Band

Manu Katché Third Round

12.11. Voices of Africa

Salif Keita & Band

Lokua Kanza & Band

13.11. Giants meet Future Sounds 18

Victor Bailey Group

Aziza Mustafa-Zadeh Trio

3 Peas

Piotr Wylezol Group

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To make it easier, here are the dates and artists of the main program:

:rolleyes: to make staying home easier... maybe i'm just ignorant, but imho it's getting worse every year, counting one artist I wouldn't object to hearing (Scofield)... (and maybe Niedecken plus big band for the curiosity value but i doubt that would carry me through the evening... well, actually this clip is sufficient for me)

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