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Computer Gurus: internet speed

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I believe that my internet service will increase $10 a month next month. I use Time Warner Roadrunner.

My current download speed is 17,106 kbps. My upload speed is 956 kbps.

So I am shopping. The others rate their speeds as Mbps.

So what is 17,106 kbps in Mbps terms? 17.1?

I have trouble downloading videos like YouTube in real time. I need to start play, then pause, let the data accumulate, and then play and watch the video. What speed would I need to watch YouTube without doing that?

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To go between kilobytes (or bits) and megabytes (or bits) you would use a 1,024 multiplier or divisor. So 17,106 kbps would be the same as 16.705 mbps.

I don't know what the minimum acceptable throughput speed would be for youtube videos. I have the lowest tier of Roadrunner service and do just fine with youtube. Seldom will a video not load quick enough to keep up with playback. Perhaps I'm lucky.

I had not heard about a rate change. I may be looking around myself. Time Warner is already too damn expensive.

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Jim, if memory is relevant, then I suspect that is the culprit, because I have very little of it.

Tom, the price is going up because my first year is ending. The original deal was $10 per month off for the first 12 months.

But looking around, I don't see anything in this area that matches that speed, so I guess I will have to swallow the extra ten dollars. I am happy with the Time Warner service - It's only the price I am thinking of.

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With Time Warner's cable service and a 6 month old computer, I can play youtube videos, upload or download about 20 files simultaneously, have 15 tabs open on my browser and never even feel a slowdown.

and that's on the lowest tier of service.

The computer is what's left in your equation, so start with Jim's browser suggestion. But , if your computer is over 5 years old it's obsolete...do yourself a favor and recycle it at your nearest depot that takes computers...and got get yourself a decent new computer that fits your budget. No matter how cheap it is, it will be an upgrade to what you have now.

You'll never be happier. Having out of date tools is the most frustrating thing on the planet if you're in any way creatively inclined.

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