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Sonny Rollins on french tv

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Man, where is the rest of this?! Would love to know the context and how much Sonny ends up playing, etc.

Coda: Part of the film is actually reversed -- around the 3 minute mark when you see the the long view of the band in the studio behind Sonny, the saxophonists have their left hand on the bottom rather than the top stack and the bass player is fretting with his right hand rather than left. When the angle changes and Sonny is inside the studio with them, the orientation is correct.

Coda 2: When Sonny comes in to the studio and addresses the musicians and says "very nice," etc., he also says "very nice tune." I'm sure he's not aware that they've been playing a Wayne Shorter composition, "Speak No Evil."

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Mark, at the 3:00 mark we're seeing Sonny unpacking his horn and there's a mirror behind him. That's the "reversed" image. When Sonny stands up, the camera man keeps shooting into the mirror.

Ooh, my bad. Thanks. I was viewing on a small screen/phone and didn't pick up the mirror shot. I stand corrected. Related: Can film actually even be "reversed" in the same way that negatives are from time to time in print?

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