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Info needed: Marshall Brown - Intenational Youth Orchestra - Newport 1


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I do have Newport 1958 - The Internatinal Youth Band: Columbia CS 8073. It has no photos .... Do you have another

version of this recording which includes photos?


Great - No I haven't seen this before - Great. What's the source of this fragment? Do you know more film fragments of this band?



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I just received an email from him. His name is Chip Hoehler.


You will find pics at his website.


He said to contact him for more help. He took the pics himself, and he has recordings of the band too. Quite the mother load.

Good luck


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Marshall was a hell of a guy. I was in his Wednesday workshops ca 1980-81. He had a studio on W. 72nd Street between Broadway and West End Ave. Marshall led usually a two-horn frontline with rhythm. Hod O'Brien played with us. Dave Hofstra was on bass. It was a great experience for me. Marshall would tape the sessions, then critique everyone. His critical ears were on the money and he definitely did not mince words. Got me to play 4/4 rhythm guitar---which made a big difference in my conception. There was a piano student, Timothy, he was absolutely death on for all the unmusical things he'd do. 'No, no NO, Timothy!' By the end of the tirade Marshall would be frothing and his face purple. Poor Timothy would hang his head, but he learned---as we all did.

He would sit in his reclining chair afterwards and tell stories about Clifford Brown sleeping on his couch, Basie rehearsing in his studio, Ronnie Cuber putting up the ceiling tiles, etc. A great teacher and a loud, larger-than-life character. He deserves a biography.

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