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  1. Yesterday, the 6th of June, 2013, the Dutch reed player, Dim Kesber, passed away, 83 years old. He started his career 68 years ago, In 1945 he started his career with his own quartet playing for US and Canadian soldiers who had liberated Holland. He became a member of the Dutch Swing College Band up to 1960 when the members of the band decided to became full- professionals. In 1966 he started his Reunion Jazz Band, which became very popular in Holland, because they played the music of the early Dutch Swing College Band. During the last decade he performed with his Augmenters and with his Friends. I still remember one of his last concerts, March 2013, with vocalist Denise Jannah, at the Porgy en Bess Jazz Club in Terneuzen ( The Netherlands), where he started in 1966 his Reunion Jazz Band. Enjoy the photos of this concert ( en het concertverslag ion het Nederlands): Denise Jannah en Dim Kesber in Porgy en Bess Durium
  2. The Tower of Babel's band at Newport 1958 The 1958 Newport concert The 1958 Blokker concert: Durium
  3. Dutch trombonist Paul Duynhouwer was invited by John Lewis in the summer of 1958 for a scholarship at the famous Lenox School of Jazz. He met Ruud Jacobs by accident in a jazz club, Birdland, at a concert. Ruud was selected to be the bass player in the 1958 Newport International Youth Band. He was familiar with some of the trombonists, who were selected for the orchestra: Albert Mangelsdorff, Kurt Jarnberg and Christian Kellens. The mutual relations between director Marshall Brown and the members of the band were completely fouled up ... Paul Duynhouwer remembers the International Youth Band Durium
  4. Finally ..... June 1958 - Brussels Airport Zavetem: The trip to Newport would start for fourteen excited young European musician, including Dutch bass player Ruud Jacobs ... They all hoped to make it in The States, but the start - the first rehearsals - were rather disappointing ... Marshall Brown: A moody, nervous band leader who built a Tower of Babel. Newport '58: A Tower of Babel Durium BTW: I wonder if visitors of this forum can help me with photos or aditional info about this 1958 Youth band. contact me off-list. Thanks Steve for our kind support.
  5. # DIS I do have Newport 1958 - The Internatinal Youth Band: Columbia CS 8073. It has no photos .... Do you have another version of this recording which includes photos? #Marcello Great - No I haven't seen this before - Great. What's the source of this fragment? Do you know more film fragments of this band? Durium keepswinging@live.nl
  6. Can someone help me to find photos from Marshall Brown and (the members of) his International Youth Band (performing at Newport) summer 1958 for an online publication? Please contact me off-list. Durium
  7. The latest two albums by the US band, Snarky Puppy, formed around bass player Michael League, surpised me, to say the least: Tell Your Friends, recorded in 2009 in a studio for a live audience and the 2011 GroundUP, which was born in a warehouse, refurbished into a real studio. Both were released by MIG-Music at two CD-DVD packages. Its funky, well arranged groovy rhythms and the combination of audio and visual entertainment, made me anxious to share the music of this great collective band ..... which has a reputation, to quote leader Michael League, cramming 20 pounds of material ..... in a ten pound bag. Tell Your Friends - GroundUP Durium
  8. Marshall Brown and George Wein joined, spring 1958, within a few weeks span, dozens of auditions .. "they hopscotched Europe conducting auditions on a back-braking schedule." They heard a hundred young talented musicians. "If we were able to take everyone who impressed us, we’d have 13 trumpets, 9 trombones … that kind of band ..." Marshall Bronw told the journalists at the airport when they returned from their search for members of their band. It was a pity that a young talented Spanish piano player was not available - the Swiss piano player George Gruntz, who passed away a couple of weeks ago, was invited. The guitar player was found in the States - a political refugee, a talent on his instrument. Dutch bass player Ruud Jacobs represented The Netherlands. The rhythm section of the Babel's Band Durium
  9. It must be one of the most pure ways to improvise: the duet. Call and respond are the basic elements of jazz music, born a century ago ..... Dan Block had the audacity to make such an album, entitled Duality - almost a dozen duo-specials, featuring Dan Block in duet with pianist Ted Rosenthall, guitar player Paul Meyers, awards winning vocalist Catherine Russell, baritone saxophone player Scott Robinson, vibist Mark Sherman and a handfull of others ..... Dan Block: Duality Durium
  10. Last year Graham Dechter, a talented guitarist in his twenties, released his latest album Takin' It There with a dreamed rhythm section, featuring Tamir Hendelman at the piano, John Clayton on double bass and Jeff Hamilton on drums. This is Jazz after my heart ...... This is Jazz as Jazz should be played! Graham Dechter - Takin' It There Durium
  11. Guillermo Iacona met Oscar Alemán in the 1960s and took guitar lessons. He was invited to play with Oscar three times at venues like the Santa Maria del Buen Ayre Theatre in Buenos Aires. They became close friends. Guillermo's dream was, to publish a book about his idol, and to share his recollections about this legendary Argentine guitar player and entertainer with his friends. He informed me at set times about the process. He talked to Alemáns widow Carmen Vallejo and his granddaughter Jorgelina Alemán and people who had known Oscar well. Before the book was finished Guillermo passed aweay, but his sons José and Estamislao Iacona finished their fater's life's work and published it - The book contains dozens of unpublished black and white photos - a must have for all jazz fans who love to have Oscar in their bookcase. El último mes José y Estanislao Iacona publicaron el trabajo de su padre Guillermo, la obra de su vida dedicada al popular guitarrista argentino de los 40s y 50s. El libro se titula "Tributo a Oscar Alemán" y está publicado en español, inglés y francés por Whitefly. Tributo a Oscar Alemán Durium
  12. Back in the US Marshall Brown selected, with the help of his extensive notes, he made during the numerous auditions all along Europe, the members for his International Youth Band to play at the 1958 Newport Festival. Ruud Jacobs, a young Dutch bass player was invited to represent Holland - sixteen other young talented European jazz musicians got an invitation too. Today an introduction to the reed section. Newport '58: The reed section Durium
  13. The dawn and rise of the jazz orchestra is the subtitle of Eddy Determeyer's latest book Big Easy Big Bands. The history of the numerous bands that were active in New Orleans between 1900 and 1960 has been researched by Dutch jazz historian Eddy Determeyer. A fascinating text on a topic that has been a blind-spot within the literature of jazz studies ..... This is virgin territory. These New Orleans bands, which haven't been recorded at all, finally have been put into the spotlights ... A must-have for all serious lover of tis untold part in jazz history ... Big Easy Big Bands - Eddy Determeyer. Big Easy Big Bands - Eddy Determeyer Durium
  14. AN interesting (if controversial) topic, this International "Youth" band. Just out of sheer curiosity: What do you mean by "Today Ruud won't speak"? Is he no longer able to (health-wise) or is he UNWILLING to discuss this subject? Neither both suggestions - I would have said that this time I'm introducing you to the members of the brass section and that's why Ruud, who is a bass player, has no part in this blog ...... In December i'll inuduce the reeds - and rhythm section. He'll be back in January 2013 when we discuss the trip to the US and the two weeks rehearsals, July 1958 - So don't worry about Ruud. Durium
  15. In spring 1958 George Wein and Marshall Brown hopscotched Europe conducting auditions on a back-breaking schedule ..... They heard hundreds upon hundreds of musicians, amateur, professional, and every stop in between. In a series of blogs Ruud Jacobs, Dutch bass player, remembers his debut at Newport. Today Ruud won't speak, but you can learn more about the brass section, Brown selected for his International Youth Band, aka the Babel's Band Part 3: Newport '58: The brass section of the Babel's Band Durium
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