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Harry Lim: Keynote Records

Lazaro Vega

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Jazz From Blue Lake featured small band swing by Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Roy Eldridge, Earl "Fatha" Hines and bebop by Red Rodney, among others, last night as we focused on the majestic Keynote Jazz records produced by Harry Lim between 1943-46. For 5 hours of the finest in recorded jazz, see "Jazz From Blue Lake" under "Programs" here: www.bluelake.org/ondemand



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Interesting subject - very interesting.

Actually the second photograph above (by Charles Peterson) comes from the "pre-Keynote" period of activities of Harry Lim. It was taken at a jam session organized in August, 1939, at the home of newspaper cartoonist Burris Jenkins for an intended feature of LIFE magazine.

For the anecdote, Eddie Condon (who included several pictures from this all-star get-together in his "Scrapbok of Jazz" and seems to have had a bone to pick with Harry Lim because he steadfastly refused to identify him in the captions) had this to say about the proceedings: "The music was exciting, but for one snag; (Duke) Ellington had part of his payroll (cash) in his suitcoat pocket. It was a hot night and he removed his coat, which he hung on the back of the chair. When the party ended, hours later, he had a coat but no payroll"

Uh oh ....

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