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BFT #159 - The Reveal


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Track 1: I'm Just Wild About Harry (-2) (E. Blake-N. Sissle).  Noble Sissle And His Orchestra Featuring Sidney Bechet: Wendell Culley, Demas Dean, Clarence Brereton, tp; Chester Burrill, George Matthews, tb; Sidney Bechet, cl, ss; Jose Madera, Jerome Pasquall, cl, as; James Tolliver, ts, arr; Gil White, ts; Erskine Butterfield, p; Jimmy Miller, g; Jimmy Jones, b; Wilbert Kirk, d; Noble Sissle, dir; Billy Banks, vcl.  Recorded 4/14/37.  From: Sidney Bechet (Mosaic Select 22).  I've always loved this song, and songs from this era.  I thought it was so cool that the band was led by the person who wrote the song.  And, of course, Bechet is great.


Track 2: You'll Never Know (Harry Warren, Mack Gordon).  Charles Owens New York Art Ensemble: Charles Owens, tenor & soprano sax, alto flute & flute; James Newton, flute; Red Callender, bass tuba; George Cables, piano; Ray Brown, bass; Roy McCurdy, drums.  2/15/80.  From: Charles Owens Plays The Music of Harry Warren (Discovery).  An unheralded musician, but a consistently excellent album.


Track 3: The Mooche (Ellington, Mills).  Herbie Mann, fl; Dave Pike, vb; Earl May, b; Bruno Carr, d; Carlos "Patato" Valdes, cga; Jimmy Owens, tp; John Hitchcock, Joe Orange, tb; Oliver Nelson, arr, cond.  November 18 & 19, 1965.  From: Herbie Mann Today! (Atlantic; I have it on a Collectibles 2-fer).  Dig the op art cover!


Track 4: Little Train (Villa-Lobos).  Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen, bass; Sam Jones, bass; Philip Catherine, guitar; Billy Higgins, drums; Albert "Tootie" Heath, percussion.  2/15 & 16/76.  From: Double Bass (SteepleChase).  Another well-thought-out date.  NHOP and Sam Jones, complement each other beautifully, and Philip Catherine lends the color.


Track 5: In A Sentimental Mood (Ellington, Kurtz, Mills).  Phyllis Hyman, vocalist.  From the Original Cast album of "Sophisticated Ladies" (RCA; I have it on an Arista compilation "The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman").  A very identifiable vocalist, mostly stuck in a disco groove during her career.


Track 6: Medley: The White Sheik, I Vitelloni, Il Bidone, The Nights of Cabiria (Nino Rota).  William Fischer, arr, cond; Wynton Marsalis, tp; George Adams, ts; Branford Marsalis, woodwinds; Kenny Barron, p; Ron Carter, b; Wilbert Fletcher, d.  1981.  From: Amarcord Nino Rota (Hannibal).  The first of the Hal Willner concept albums, arguably the best.



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Track 7: Island In The Sun (I. Burgess).  Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar; Earl "Chinna" Smith - acoustic guitar; Ernest Ranglin - electric guitar; Shawn Pelton - drums and programming; Manolo Badrena - percussion.  2005.  From "Earth Tones" (BMC).  I liked the description "John Scofield meets Jimmy Buffett."


Track 8: Chillin' (Rudresh Mahanthappa, based on "Relaxin' At Camarillo").  Rudresh Mahanthappa, alto sax; Adam O'Farrill, trumpet; Matt Mitchell, piano; François Moutin, acoustic bass; Rudy Royston, drums.  August 4 & 5, 2014.  From "Bird Calls" (ACT).


Track 9: Mighty Fine (Baron).  Arthur Blythe, alto sax; Bill Frisell, guitar, Ron Carter, bass; Joey Baron, drums.  1997.  From "Down Home" (Intuition).  RIP Arthur Blythe.


Track 10: Da Duh Dah (Curtis Ousley).  King Curtis, tenor sax; Nat Adderley, trumpet; Wynton Kelly, piano; Paul Chambers, bass; Oliver Jackson, drums.  4/21/60.  From "The New Scene of King Curtis" (New Jazz; I have it on the "New Jazz" OJC sampler).  Was pleased to see that I could stump so many of you with this.


Track 11: M.F. Blues (?).  Budd Johnson, tenor sax; Earl Hines, piano; Bill Pemberton, bass; Oliver Jackson, drums.  12/29/77.  From "The Father of Modern Jazz Piano" (M.F. Distribution).  This box set has been discussed on this board a few times in the past year.


Track 12: Stardust (Carmichael, Parish).  Lionel Hampton's Jazz All-Stars: Lionel Hampton, vibes, piano; Clark Terry, trumpet; Thad Jones, trumpet, flugelhorn, arranger; J.J. Johnson, trombone; Lucky Thompson, soprano sax; Coleman Hawkins, tenor sax; Hank Jones, piano; Arvell Shaw, bass; Osie Johnson, drums.  4/15/65.  From: "Jazz All Stars, Volume One" (Who's Who In Jazz; I have it on a box set "Black And White Box Of Jazz" from Castle Communications).  What a band!  It makes me wonder what's the story with this session.


Track 13: Smooth As The Wind (Dameron).  Tommy Flanagan (p) Ron Carter (b) Roy Haynes (d).  NYC, October & November, 1975.  From "Positive Intensity" (CBS Japan).  Just a pretty tune.


Track 14: Tammy (Evans, Livingston).  Hank Garland, guitar.  From "Velvet Guitar" (Columbia; I have it on the Sundazed release "Move! The Guitar Artistry Of Hank Garland").  Short and sweet.


Track 15: In a Little Spanish Town (T'was On a Night Like This) (Lewis, Wayne, Young).  Yusef Lateef, tenor sax.  March 1976.  From "The Doctor Is In...And Out" (Atlantic; I have it on a 32Jazz compilation).


Track 16: Woogie Boogie (Dylan).  Bob Dylan, piano; other musicians uncertain.  From "Self Portrait" (Columbia).


Thanks to those who participated!

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Track 1: Now this is embarrassing. I have this Mosaic Select and played it quite a lot when I first got it, but did not remember this song, which I enjoyed a lot.

Track 2;  I have never heard of this album, but now I want to get it. A session with James Newton and Ray Brown! That is a trivia question in itself. Thanks for presenting this one to us!

Track 3:  I have several Herbie Mann albums, but not this one. I enjoyed this one very much.

Track 4:  Another album I have never heard of, and which is greatly appealing, if this track is any indication. Another album on the "to get" list.

Track 5: I have never heard this album, although I have seen it in many record stores. I first heard Hyman when an enthusiastic friend played recordings on which she sang. Then she was on McCoy Tyner's 1982 album "Looking Out." I was buying every new McCoy Tyner album as soon as it came out back then, but I was disappointed with that album. I thought that Hyman never really blossomed into what she could have become. I am glad to have heard this recording by her.

Track 6:  I included this track on a prior Blindfold Test of mine several years ago now, so you know that I really like it.

Track 7:  I followed Charlie Hunter's recordings for awhile after hearing him in an amazing live performance around the year 2000 or so. Somewhere along the line I stopped trying to get all of his new albums. This is a good one. I will have to check it out further.

Track 8: I did not recognize Rudresh. I have some of his earlier albums, but just did not make the connection. This one is very interesting.

Track 9: Another embarrassment. I have this album but did not remember this track. One can never hear too much Arthur Blythe.

Track 10:  I had never heard of this King Curtis date with jazz giants. Very intriguing. I will have to check this album out.

Track 11:  I really like Earl Hines, and have not explored this particular set. I need to do so.

Track 12:  Great track, great session! Now I have to dig in to my collection to see if I have it or not. If not, that will have to be remedied.

Track 13;  That is really a beautiful track. I have several Tommy Flanagan albums from that era, but not this one.

Track 14:  I am not very familiar with Hank Garland, and not familiar at all with this album. Thanks for presenting it!

Track 15:  I figured this one out after a time. Those vocalists were nagging at me. I knew I had this, and finally remembered it. Yusef Lateef has a lot of good albums.

Track 16:  Even by Dylan enthusiasts, this is considered a throw away, filler, on one of Dylan's least admired albums.  That you included it on a Blindfold Test and no one commented that it did not seem like a real jazz boogie woogie pianist, that is something. It shows how one can hear something different when stripped of preconceptions regarding the artist and album.


Thanks for this Blindfold Test! I enjoyed it a great deal!

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Thanks for the feedback, Hot Ptah; I'm happy that you enjoyed the B.T.  Besides the usual criteria (choose tracks that are not too obvious, have some kind of hook for our usual attendees, some elements of surprise, etc.), coming from a college radio background, I tried to make the "set" listenable and enjoyable - and I'm glad that came through.  Re Hank Garland: the jazz "hook" is that his first album included a very young Gary Burton.  He got into a serious car accident not long after, and pretty much stopped playing.  Re Dylan: the guy can play.

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