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BFT 166 Discussion Thread

Dan Gould

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Quickly, before my internet connectivity problems catch up with me:

2 is "Piggy Love" from Jack Walrath's "Revenge of the Fat People," reissued on CD as "Hi Jinx." That's Ricky Ford on tenor and Mike Clark laying down the prime funk.

7 -- I dearly love that piano.

8 -- I get the feeling this is a horn player of advanced age. But unbroken by it.

9 -- Maybe not adventurous, but I like that little coda a lot.

10 -- Henry Butler?

11 -- I got nothin'. But I like.

12 -- That shuffle on brushes is infectious. This could go on a couple minutes more and I wouldn't mind.

13 -- Probably not Illinois, but someone who paid attention to him. Lovely.

14 -- A pretty good Hi-Fly. I got nothin'.

15 -- OK, but not speaking to me today, which may say more about me than it does about the music.

16 -- Misty, maybe a little chopsy in spots, but pretty good.

17 -- Under the sign of T-Bone Walker.

18 -- Tenor really digs into Now's The Time when others might simply cruise. This has some surprising depths and undertows. A beautiful ending to another good one, Dan!


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On 1/30/2018 at 5:52 PM, CardinalJazzFan said:

This is a massive Blindfold Test. It is very enjoyable, but huge in length and scope. I have been trying to get through all of it and do it justice in between working. With the end of the month approaching, I will present my incomplete thoughts.

My bad for imposing so much music on people but thanks for persevering and sharing your thoughts.

5. Ode to Billie Joe, which was such a popular song one year in my elementary school. I am dating myself. I think that Harry Sweets Edison is playing on this track. 

.Excellent! I always think I can recognize Sweets but he seems to be rarely recognized by others on my BFTs.

12. It is a variation on the Let The Good Times Roll song. I do not know the artists, and I thought I knew this style of music quite well. You are good at stumping me.

Good ears on the track ID!

I did poorly at identifying musicians. I like this collection very much. I can feel the effort that went into selecting and programming it for our maximum enjoyment. The songs really flow in a sequence, like a good producer putting an album together. I think that this would be a three Lp set! One that I would often return to. I plan to play this collection for pleasure after this month is over. It will be so interesting to have the artists' identification when I do that.

Thanks very much for your positive response to the tunes and also to the programming. When I post the answers you'll see links between certain adjacent tracks.

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