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Need September, 2018, Blindfold Test Presenter

Hot Ptah

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We have a 2018 Blindfold Test presenter in every month except September.

Would anyone who did not already present a Blindfold Test in 2018, or is not scheduled to present yet in 2018, like to step forward and be our September presenter?

Thom Keith will take your playlist and convert it so it can be downloaded and streamed by the other members. It is very easy with Thom helping out.  If you prefer, you can burn your BFT to a CD-R and mail it to Thom. He takes it from there.

I will help you if you have never presented a Blindfold Test, with the few, easy procedures and some tips for a successful Blindfold Test, if you want them.

This is your chance to share some music that you enjoy and would like others to hear.

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