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  1. I should have known Jessica Williams. She is highly under-recognized, although I have collected quite a few of her records. It's a lovely piece and the one I like best on this BFT.
  2. Pretty good for not knowing her too well! I knew her for years as a songwriter, but only recently as a singer.
  3. On #7, Laura Nyro came to mind. Not saying it is her, but it does seem quite a bit like her work--and I have not heard much of it.
  4. You seem to be focusing on a 70's vibe--some CTI and a lot of fusion of various sorts. Maybe this has to do with your own discovery of jazz? I became a jazz lover in the early 80s. While I went for some of Miles' fusion and Mahavishnu Orchestra, I quickly found my home in jazz of the 50's and early 60s.
  5. If you're looking for some instrumental music, I would recommend Night Town by Don Grolnick and Black Dahlia by Bob Belden.
  6. I'm afraid there's not much grabbing me on this BFT...and I had previously thought that our musical tastes were fairly similar.
  7. Well, collaborating with Gilberto strengthens the Getz factor.
  8. I have to say #4 sounds like Stan Getz. He did a few records that were in this fusion vein, but this track does not sound familiar. If not Getz, the tenor is greatly influenced by him.
  9. Ah, I should have known George Benson--especially with its being from my favorite album of his. Benson actually sounds--to these ears--quite a bit like Grant Green on this track, at least in the first section. I had not thought there was much similarity.
  10. Wow, I had not heard this sad news. I guess she would be one of the older members of the group, along with Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, while Buckingham and Nicks are younger. I felt she was an essential member of the band and always enjoyed her singing and work in general. I liked the collaboration with Buckingham, which was just 5 years ago--basically Fleetwood Mac without Nicks--and not far off from their best work. R.I.P.
  11. I would say that Alden basically plays in a swing style (and settings), so what's up with that Atlanta guy?
  12. J.J. is one of the essential figures in all of jazz history, an off-the charts talent. His last decade was phenomenal and Brass Orchestra is perhaps the best place to hear his full range as player, composer, arranger, and visionary.
  13. Saxophone Summit would fit the bill--the one with Lovano, Liebman, and Brecker. It's changed a bit over the years, with guys like Ravi Coltrane and Greg Osby coming in. The first record is pretty damned good. The players respect one another and know how to work as a group.
  14. Yeah, Old and New Dreams was pretty cool in both concept and execution. I especially recommend Playing.
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