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  1. Great, great player for sure. I never saw him in person, but I was quite young when he retired--plus I'm from an American League city and no inter-league play back then and we just had limited awareness of the NL players. Of course, in Cleveland we were not happy with Mays for one incident--the famous catch in the 1954 World Series that is continually replayed. Of course, it was a great fielder doing what he had to do, but it was the key element in a fine Series for the Giants and a lousy one for the Indians.
  2. Yeah, the idea was really to develop and mature the players and then kick them out. Given this philosophy, it's surprising that Wayne--with all his talent--was there for 5 years.
  3. I noticed there was actually an album on which both Hubbard and Morgan appear, seemingly together on most or all of the tracks. I can't recall the title right now.
  4. Wasn't Lee Morgan in and out over a pretty long stretch? When he was out, Freddie Hubbard took the spot.
  5. Hardman, several decades? Interesting.
  6. I don't think I can double up on tracks, so I guess I will pass. I am deleting and bringing backs tracks now--and it's going quickly enough. I have enough done out of the total that I would rather not try to start again from zero. Or.... Well, I think my system will do for now.
  7. Is anyone familiar with the "consolidate files" function" in Apple Music? My organization seems erratic, and maybe this has something to do with all the non-playing tracks when I upgraded to Sonoma. I'm just worried that the consolidation would take up more space on the hard drive.
  8. Can anyone provide some names of players who were Messengers for an extended period? That's in relative terms, of course, as Blakey always seemed to continually bring in new young talent. I believe Wayne Shorter put in 5 years. I'n not sure anyone else matched that.
  9. I have hardly ever removed CDs from my collection. But I have also borrowed and downloaded. Chances are I can fully recover--it will just take time. I just don't know why an upgrade would create such havoc.
  10. Yes, but I think that the bottom line is my music is a mass of confusion in some respects. There are several folders holding music, and in many cases they will not play the music as they did before (on Apple Music). I find that the music I downloaded over about the last four months plays fine, but then the problem sets in. I think I can bring it all back, but it will take much time--and the playlists are particularly problematic.
  11. I found that I can play just about any track through Finder, but this seemingly allows you to play only one track at a time--plus you don't get the running time or ability to move through the track. All of this would be detrimental in terms of the advantages of having music on a computer.
  12. So now another weird and disturbing thing happened with Apple. For quite some time I have been bothered by messages to upgrade to Sonoma. I put it off and put it off, but finally decided to do the upgrade tonight. I found rather quickly that for most of my playlists only a couple of tracks (out of 10-20) would play. Some would play zero songs. I went to individual albums and found similar results. This has just happened, but I believe that the vast majority of music (about 50 DAYS worth) will not play. What account for this, and what is the fix? Thanks.
  13. I believe that Green said he was highly influenced by horn plays and adapted their techniques into his guitar playing.
  14. I write about jazz in my semi-regular journal, though often in a rather general manner. Lately I have mostly been writing about the playlists I have been creating. So I don't think this is at all what you mean by "listening notes."
  15. 9 straight wins and 3 series sweeps for The Guardians!
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